Witchcraft drop in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show


This week I am joined by founding member and mastermind behind the wondrous Psychedelia of Witchcraft; Magnus Pelander. The peerless band truly stand alone as a poignant part of Swedish rock music.


With numerous stories surrounding their formation, the band pay homage to seminal bands such as Pentagram and Roky Erickson. Debuting with the track “No Angel or Demon”. 61x-mkxiblThe guys were soon picked up by Lee Dorian of Rise Above Records, with a three album deal with the label, which saw the band etch their sound into the 21st century rock scene.

However, it wasn’t until the release of their fourth album “Legend” through new label Nuclear Blast, that Witchcraft finally received critical acclaim for their unique sound. Now back with their second release on the label the new album ‘Nucleus’ see the band step back to their roots with undertones of their debut album and a side helping of pure Doom!
Tune in this week as I chat with Magnus about the new release ‘Nucleus’. Plus we discuss the past, present and what the future holds for Witchcraft.

Witchcraft - Nucleus

Track list
1 – Malstroem
2 – Theory Of Consequence
3 – The Outcast
4 – Nucleus
5 – An Exorcism Of Doubts
6 – The Obsessed
7 – To Transcend Bitterness
8 – Helpless
9 – Breakdown





Gentleman’s Pistols drop in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show

Starting life as a three piece punk band from Bradford, England the guys of Gentleman’s pistols soon jumped ship to neighbouring town Leeds. Whereupon, they shifted themselves away from their cruder sonic roots to create a more significantly guitar driven sound with the addition of a fourth member.

From The Sweet to Deep Purple, James (Atkinson, vocals) had identified a sound that he wanted to give life to with the band, with a shared musical taste the guys soon put out a few 7 inch singles in 2006.

The following year saw Gentlemen’s Pistols release a self titled album through new label Rise Above records and quickly hit the rock headlines, sending ripples through a tired music industry in the UK.

With a second album ‘At Her Majesties Pleasure’ and the recruitment of Bill Steer into the band the four-piece from ‘oop North successfully toured around Europe, hitting the road hard with Scissorfight, Witchcraft, Circulus, Firebird, Leaf Hound and Saviours amongst others.

After a 4 year break Gentleman’s Pistols are back with a new record label (Nuclear Blast) and a brand new album ‘Hustler’s row’.

Released in October the album sees the guys move forward with not just melodic guitar hooks but genuine vocal power and prowess.

The first single from the album can be heard below. Tune in this week as I catch up with founding member and frontman James to chat about the new album and the development of Gentleman’s Pistols.

Hustler’s Row:

Side A
01. The Searcher
02. Devil’s Advocate On Call
03. Time Wasters
04. Private Rendezvous
05. Stress And Confusion
Side B
01. Personal Fantasy Wonderland
02. Lady Teaser
03. Dazzle Drizzler
04. Coz Of You
05. Hustler’s Row

Graveyard interview on this week’s Barnett’s brutal brunch show – Podcast now available

With the much anticipated fourth album on the horizon, this week I chat with Graveyard frontman Joakim Nilsson about their latest release ‘Innocence and decadence’ and find out more about the return of former guitarist Truls Mörck.

Listen here

From a disbanded motley crue of musicians named Norrsken, came the birth of two hard rock bands from Gothenburg, Sweden, Witchcraft and this week’s guests on the show, Graveyard.

In their short existence, Graveyard have managed to achieve a significant stamp on the music scene featuring in the ever famous Rolling stone magazine after their first appearance in North America at Southwest Music Festival. Although many would believe that this kind of exposure would see them catapult to success overnight, the Graveyard guys gained their success through grueling touring schedules across the world. These commitments would see their  produce the critically acclaimed second album Hisingen blues released on their new label Nuclear Blast in 2011.

This album alone would elevate Graveyard into a whole new class of touring, supporting grunge heavy weights Soundgarden on a world tour and also the next generation festival headliner, Clutch.

Graveyard hit the ground running and came back a year after with ‘Lights Out’, however, it would resonate the sounds of trouble within the band capturing a different vibe to their previous releases.

When founding member Rikard Edlund leaves the band in 2014, Graveyard didn’t look too far to find his replacement, former member Truls Mörck. Known for his guitar work in the early days of the band’s existence, Truls stepped in to help out on the bass work for the new album and has now become a permanent fixture in the Graveyard line-up.

After several months in the studio and many of the tracks in their final stages, the Graveyard boys decided to take a break and hit the North American shores supporting Mastodon and Clutch on the ‘Missing Link’ tour. With some final touches completed the new album was ready.

Graveyard are back with a fresh outlook and their 2015 release ‘Innocence and decadence’ see below for details;

Side A:
1. Magnetic Shunk
2. The Apple And The Tree
3. Exit 97
4. Never Theirs To Sell
5. Can’t Walk Out
6. Too Much Is Not Enough
Side B:
1. From A Hole In The Wall
2. Cause & Defect
3. Hard-Headed
4. Far Too Close
5. Stay For A Song