Beastmaker join this week’s B.B.B. show

This week I catch up with Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church out on the road haunting the Californian coast with Brant Bjork. Tune in as we chat about their signing to Rise above records, their current release and the writing process for Beastmaker’s upcoming new album. Plus I grab a chance to chat about their recent epic tour with Monolord and Sweat Lodge.


The Lusus Naturae album was laid upon the slab earlier this year and will clearly be the strong foundation for a virile career for Beastmaker. The fresno threesome are adding all the right ingredients to tap into the ever growing and cult-like doom circuit. From occult themes to classic hammer horror throw backs, these guys have it all. The mastermind behind the whole operation is none other than front man Trevor, his vision back in 2006 would take the guys in many a musical direction before reaching today’s outlet. But those 10 years were well spent perfecting their craft and realising what they wanted to achieve as a band. It’s safe to say that this isn’t just your average doom band.. although their lyrical content may come from the deepest depths of hell, the riffs are forged from the 70’s NWOBHM style that have been cited in influencing megastars Metallica, Megadeth and developed the sound that we all know today as Thrash metal. The band takes the best of diverse influences from Angel Witch, Danzig, Pentagram, Witchfinder General and alike, paving the way for the Beastmaker sound.

a0319177883_10Lusus Naturae – 45:37

Side A
1. Clouds in the Sky 04:21
2. Eyes Are Watching 03:00
3. Arachne 03:08
4. Skin Crawler 03:33
5. Find the Stranger 04:32
6. You Must Sin 05:02
Side B
7. Burnt Offering 02:55
8. Mask of Satan 03:26
9. It 05:06
10. Astral Corpse 03:14
11. Lusus Naturae 03:30
12. The Strain 03:50
Release date: March 25, 2016
Label: Rise Above Limited

Tune in this Wednesday 8pm GMT – 12pm PST via or Tunein


Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head Joins this week’s show


When bands are presented with the question of their greatest influences in rock/metal music Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Deep Purple are always cited as the obvious monsters of the field. But to Megadeth, Metallica and many others, one particular band from Stourbridge, England soon shaped a new music genre named The New Wave of British Heavy Metal and also sparked the fire of what would become thrash metal.DH 1979.jpg

With classic rock and punk having heavy holds on the British music scene in 1976 it would be a combination of the two forms that inspired guitarist Brian Tatler to create the band Diamond Head.

During the band’s early years their self financed demo gained them an underground following and would see Diamond Head tour supporting AC/DC and Iron Maiden. By 1979 the first single “Shoot Out The Lights” (B-side Helpless) was released via label Media Records. The following year Diamond Head debuted their first LP album “Lightning to the Nations, announcing themselves to many a metalhead and remains one of the most influential albums of the band’s catalogue.  The 1000 copy release sent shockwaves around the world and was a monumental influence on a particular bunch of kids from the San Francisco Bay Area.

With tracks “Am I Evil”, “Helpless” and “The Prince” it has truly stood the test of time and perpetuated Diamond Head’s legacy.

don-1983-Spread.jpgSome 40 years on since the birth of the New Wave Of British Heavy metal band, Diamond Head have been through some ups and downs, opening Donington Monsters of Rock (1983) and touring with the mighty Black Sabbath.
Guitarist Brian Tatler has remained the driving force in the band since it’s inception.
Diamond Head are back with a brand new eponymous album and a new frontman (Rasmus Bom Andersen) and will been on tour in Europe in 2016, so make sure you get a chance to see them Metal Maniacs!!
Check out the new album already released in Europe via Dissonance and will soon be available in the US on June 1st.
Diamond Head.jpg
Track Listings:
1. Bones
2. Shout At The Devil
3. Set My Soul On Fire
4. See You Rise
5. All The Reasons You Live
6. Wizards Sleeve
7. Our Time Is Now
8. Speed
9. Blood On My Hands
10. Diamonds
11. Silence

“Am I Evil” Big ‘4’ 2010, Dave Mustaine playing with Brian Tatler.

European Tour Dates 
Date City Venue Country
12/05/16 Ibiza HRH Ibiza roadtrip Spain
Time: 8:00pm.
27/05/16 Madrid GetMAD Festival Spain
Time: 8:30pm.
05/06/16 Alvesta Muskel Rock Festival Sweden
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Tyrolen.
06/06/16 Copenhagen PH Cafeen Denmark
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Halmtorvet 9A, DK-1700 København. BUY TICKETS
08/06/16 Solvesborg Sweden Rock Festival Sweden
Time: 8:00pm. Venue website
18/06/16 Daun Der Detze Rockt Festival Germany
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Geranienstraße 16, 54550 Daun.
30/07/16 Barnet, Herts Barnet Rugby Club United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: £25.00. Address: Byng Road.
12/08/16 Derbyshire Bloodstock Festival United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Catton Park.
18/08/16 Bilston The Robin United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: £12.50. Address: 20-28 Mount Pleasant. BUY TICKETS
27/08/16 Jaén, Andalusia Skulls Of Metal Festival Spain
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Las Escuelas.
01/09/16 Southampton The Brook United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 466 Portswood Road, Portswood. BUY TICKETS
02/09/16 Nuneaton Queens Hall United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Queens Road. BUY TICKETS
17/09/16 Lamplmühlstraße 29, Püchersreuth Stormcrusher Festival Germany
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Wurzer O`Schnitt-Halle.
22/09/16 Dublin Fibber McGee’s Rock Bar Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: €17.00. BUY TICKETS
23/09/16 Belfast Voodoo Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 9-11 Fountain Street.
24/09/16 Limerick Dolan’s Warehose Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 3-4 Dock Road.
29/09/16 Norwich The Waterfront United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 139-141 King St.
04/10/16 York Fibbers United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. BUY TICKETS
05/10/16 Glasgow 02 ABC United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm.
06/10/16 Edinburgh La-Belle Angele United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 11 Hasties Close.
07/10/16 Aberdeen The Moorings Bar United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 2 Trinity Quay.
08/10/16 Sheffield O2 Academy 2 United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm.
09/10/16 London O2 Academy United Kingdom

Criminal drop in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show

This week I am joined by Chile’s finest thrash export Criminal. Tune in as the driving force and original member Anton Reisenegger chats about the history and the future plans of the band. Live On Air 8pm GMT Wednesday 9th March 2016


From the get go, Criminal have been a force unto themselves. With heavy political unrest in Chile the band forged a name for themselves during the rebirth of their country in the early nineties. Quickly selling a thousand copies of their promo EP in a matter of days, the band were noticed by the big chiefs at Sony Music. Featuring on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball South America and supporting a series of well known thrash bands, Criminal would soon see themselves supporting Megadeth, opening for Metallica and even the mighty KISS.

With a strong body of work the guys are about to release their eighth album on Metal Blade records. Titled ‘Fear Itself‘ it sees Criminal return to their roots and produce some killer classic metal anthems. With ‘Down Driven’ being the first single followed by ‘Animals to Gods’ it isn’t hard to fall in love with this band all over again.



Tracklist – Fear itself

  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Down Driven
  • 3.False Flag Attack
  • 4.Shock Doctrine
  • 5.The Needle And The Knife
  • 6.Scream Of Consciousness
  • 7.Summoning The Apocalypse
  • 8.The One Who Speaks At Night
  • 9.Animals To Gods
  • 10.Deep In The Rot
  • 11.Wasted Youth
  • 12.Carne Molida


Hank Shermann calls in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show. 


There are many a metal head out there that would argue that this week’s guest, Hank Shermann was responsible for changing the structure and the sound of metal as we know it!!

Forming his first band in Denmark, ‘Brats’ was a punk outfit that would be the first incarnation of what the world soon came to know as Mercyful Fate. With a release in 1980 called 1980, the band soon gained a significant following but as with many musicians, perfecting his craft and creating a unique sound was something that Hank Shermann strived for. As the momentum of the band increased so too did their heaviness and Brat’s label was none too pleased, discarding their Punk roots for a more Metal sound it left the band only one choice, to rename themselves Mercyful Fate. 

From the bands inception, Hank and his band mate King Diamond spent enormous amounts of time in the studio. This earnest dedication resulted in endless amounts of demos recorded in the early years many of which appeared on the first eponymous EP. That time would also produce work for both of the albums ‘Melissa’ and
‘Don’t Break the Oath’, which would go on rock the very foundations of metal as we know it.

Within only four years of their initial existence Mercyful Fate packed a heavy punch and produced some of the finest metal in the observable universe, influencing Metallica, Slayer, Ghost and countless other bands worth their salt.

In spite of the unfortunate demise of the band in 1985, the band reformed in 1993 and immediately went on an incredibly prolific recording and touring period. During this time the band produced ‘In the Shadows’ 1993, ‘Time’ 1994, ‘Into the Unknown’ 1996, ‘Dead Again’ 1998 and ‘9’ in 1999. The band have been on hiatus since 1999.

Now the long awaited time has come. With a brand new Ep ‘Satan’s Tomb’ Denner/Shermann are back with a star-studded band. Satan’s tomb holds every last drop of the Mercyful Fate sound. The guys wanted to recreate the eighties sound and they have done just that. Tracks like ‘Satan’s Tomb’ and ‘New Gods’ are a clear reminder that these guys have still got it in spades and continue to create the very finest metal sounds.

Denner / Shermann
Satan’s Tomb

01. Satan’s Tomb
02. War Witch
03. New Gods
04. Seven Skulls

Live this Wednesday  4th November 2015, 8pm GMT on Totalrock radio

Armored Saint on this week’s Barnett’s brutal brunch show – Podcast available


Out there in the vast genre of metal, there sit’s a band named Armored saint. Hitting the scene in the 1983, they were a force unto themselves, not fitting into the conventional movements of glam metal nor thrash metal at the time.  ARmored saint earlyArmored Saint hit the metal circuit with full force playing with everyone from Ratt to Metallica. Undeterred by their unclassifiable metal music, the band would release a string of albums Delirious NomadRaising Fear, live album Saints Will Conquer and their most successful release Symbol of Salvation in 1991.Symbol of salvation-front-cover

In their eight year existence, the loss of a band member Dave Prichard and with an extremely difficult tour for their most successful album,  Armored Saint decided to call it a day.

With the job offer of fronting Anthrax, John Bush jumped ship and carved a unique sound into the existing Anthrax regime, partly for his involvement in the writing process, but also his unique vocal sound that brought life into a somewhat tired thrash legacy. The release of albums Sound of White NoiseStomp 442Volume 8: The Threat Is Real and the critically acclaimed album We’ve Come for You All in 2003 would see Anthrax reach new heights in their career. AnthraxBut with that said, Anthrax members made a commitment to making a new Storm troopers of doom record, this would see John’s time with the band soon fizzle out. The prospect of Joey Belladona presence in the Anthrax was on the cards.  With the ‘Spreading the disease’ line up booked for the 20th anniversary tour, it would also seal the deal for the upcoming Ozzfest tour. This would then instigate the departure of Bush.

With John’s extensive voice over work, the release of Armored saint’s Revelation (2000) and the covers album Nod to the Old School (2001) all slowly ticking away in the background while the Anthrax members work on other projects, it wasn’t until John’s departure from Anthrax that saw the album La Raza (2010) and a full commitment from both him and the other members to officially reform Armored Saint.


With another significant break from their last release, the boys are now back and raring to go with a brand new album Win hands down. Tracks ‘Mess’ and the title track ‘Win hands down’ gaining considerable play on social media sites, the album is already becoming a successful hit for the Los Angeles based band.armoredsaint-winhandsdown (1)

With just days after their outstanding appearance at this year’s Hellfest, I caught up with the John to chat about his past and present outlook on his career, the new album and it’s chart topping success in Europe, plus I get an inside scoop on what’s next for these heavy metal Titans.

Be sure to check out the Armored Saint on the road. Appearing on the main-stage at this year’s Bloodstock festival and out on the road in the North America with Saxon this fall.

Listen here