Hank Shermann calls in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show. 


There are many a metal head out there that would argue that this week’s guest, Hank Shermann was responsible for changing the structure and the sound of metal as we know it!!

Forming his first band in Denmark, ‘Brats’ was a punk outfit that would be the first incarnation of what the world soon came to know as Mercyful Fate. With a release in 1980 called 1980, the band soon gained a significant following but as with many musicians, perfecting his craft and creating a unique sound was something that Hank Shermann strived for. As the momentum of the band increased so too did their heaviness and Brat’s label was none too pleased, discarding their Punk roots for a more Metal sound it left the band only one choice, to rename themselves Mercyful Fate. 

From the bands inception, Hank and his band mate King Diamond spent enormous amounts of time in the studio. This earnest dedication resulted in endless amounts of demos recorded in the early years many of which appeared on the first eponymous EP. That time would also produce work for both of the albums ‘Melissa’ and
‘Don’t Break the Oath’, which would go on rock the very foundations of metal as we know it.

Within only four years of their initial existence Mercyful Fate packed a heavy punch and produced some of the finest metal in the observable universe, influencing Metallica, Slayer, Ghost and countless other bands worth their salt.

In spite of the unfortunate demise of the band in 1985, the band reformed in 1993 and immediately went on an incredibly prolific recording and touring period. During this time the band produced ‘In the Shadows’ 1993, ‘Time’ 1994, ‘Into the Unknown’ 1996, ‘Dead Again’ 1998 and ‘9’ in 1999. The band have been on hiatus since 1999.

Now the long awaited time has come. With a brand new Ep ‘Satan’s Tomb’ Denner/Shermann are back with a star-studded band. Satan’s tomb holds every last drop of the Mercyful Fate sound. The guys wanted to recreate the eighties sound and they have done just that. Tracks like ‘Satan’s Tomb’ and ‘New Gods’ are a clear reminder that these guys have still got it in spades and continue to create the very finest metal sounds.

Denner / Shermann
Satan’s Tomb

01. Satan’s Tomb
02. War Witch
03. New Gods
04. Seven Skulls

Live this Wednesday  4th November 2015, 8pm GMT on Totalrock radio


Purson interview on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show

Joining me on this week’s show is the psychedelic rock band Purson.

For a band that have only been producing music in the last four years, it’s surprising how far this small collective from London, England have come. With elements from the seventies, combined with a raw and unique kaleidoscope of contemporary rock, Purson have captured a timeless frequency that could be seen as all too familiar to the avid rock fan, yet the band have produced a new spin on the era and forced signatures and melodies that are currently missing in today’s musical climate.

Tune in this week, as I catch up with vocalist Rosalie Cunningham in San Francisco to chat about their support slot on Ghost‘s “Black to the future” tour of the United States. Plus we discuss the bands success and the upcoming new album ‘Desire’s Magic Theatre’.

With tracks like “Leaning On A Bear” and “The Contract” it’s hard not to see why Purson made No.15 in Metal Hammer‘s best 50 Albums 2013 and were also nominated for Best New band in Classic Rocks’s 2014 Rock Roll Of Honour held in Los Angeles. With appearances at major festivals including the legendary Roadburn, they have also toured with numerous occult-inspired acts like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Blood Ceremony and Seventies legends Pentagram.

With their well crafted stage presence, it would only seem fit for them to hit the US shores in support of Ghost’s Black to the future tour.

A new single ‘Electric landlady’ has recently been released and is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Desire’s Magic Theatre’ which is to be released via Spinefarm Records in Spring 2016.  Check out the video below:

Purson are most certainly a band to keep a close eye on, as they step towards carving themselves a permanent niche in the classic rock circuit.