Lord Dying interview on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch podcast

Surfacing out of Portland, Oregon in 2010, in the space of five years, Lord dying have signed to Relapse, thrown out two albums and made one of the most impressive debuts in the last decade with their 2013 album “Summon the faithless”.


Forming out of a series of different bands.. Black Elk, Portals, and Le Force, the roots of this band can seem clear, the Portland, Oregon music scene that they come from being one of the biggest hardcore punk scenes in the pacific northwest is home to such acts as Poison idea and The Wipers, a major influence to the 80’s grunge scene, but also playing a role in the band’s distinctive mix of Sludge, Doom and riff heavy sound.

Listen hereLord dying 2015

Following the release of their 2012 EP ‘Fall tour’, all 666 of the limited edition tour release sold out immediately, sparking the attention of Relapse records, securing the band with a contract. Hitting the studio straight after the signing, Lord dying produced one of the stand out albums of 2013 ‘Summon the faithless’, this would see the band hit the road on a lord dying ep (1)relentless touring schedule. The Portland based band Red fang also took the guys out on their first venture in Europe, where it saw them play the very prestigious Roadburn festival and spread their wings to a greater audience.

With the European tour complete, Lord Dying were dealt a blow after Jon Reid quit the band, a new album was in the pipeline and with only week’s until they were set to enter the studio, Yob ex-live drummer Rob Shaffer Red-Fang-Euro-Tour-2014also of Monarch and Dark Castle came into the void and completed all drum parts for the second album release ‘Poisoned altars’. Producing the album was long time friend to the band and also Portland resident Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust.  I caught up with Lord dying at the Oakland Metro in the mists of their supporting slot with Crowbar and Battlecross for the ‘Summer of Doom’ tour. Singer, Erik and I discuss Lord Dying venturing back over to Europe and a possible third album to come out of the camp. Tune in this Wednesday 17th June 2015 8pm GMT / 12pm PST on Totalrock

Poisoned altars_10
1. Poisoned Altars
2. The Clearing at the End of the Path
3. A Wound Outside of Time
4. An Open Sore
5. Offering Pain (and An Open Minded Center)
6. Suckling at the Teat of a Shebeast
7. (All Hopes of a New Day)…Extinguished
8. Darkness Remains


Dez of Coal Chamber on this week’s show



Amidst their North American headlining tour with Filter, Combichrist and American Head charge. I caught up with Dez in San Francisco to chat about the much publicized break up of the Los Angeles Nu-metal giants and the present enthusiasm in the Band. Now back after 13 years since their last release, ‘Rivals’ is about to hit the shelves May 2015. Tune in to hear about their time in the studio, latest single ‘I.O.U. nothing’ plus news on their European tour, a Devildriver studio update and much more.


coal-chamber-rivalsAlso on the show this week: New music from Ranger, Poison Idea, Prong – & KYLESA + News on Motörhead, Alice in Chains, Corrosion Of Conformity, Cavalera Conspiracy and much more…. Hold tight… It’s gonna get Heavy!!!