UK exclusive interview with Abaddon of Venom Inc. on this week’s show


Following on from their exclusive North American appearance at this year’s first ever Blackest of the Black festival (Glenn Danzig’s festival) I caught up with Abaddon in California to chat about the latest tour announcement with Goatwhore, new signing to Nuclear Blast records and the much anticipated release of what will be Venom Inc’s first studio album…

So let’s take it back to the beginning, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is where it all began. The gathering of Anthony “Abaddon” Bray, Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn and Conrad “Cronos” Lant. What would follow, would be one of the most iconic and significant albums to mastermind the movement known as black metal….yes I am talking about none other than Venom.

venom inc band

At the height of their career both Abaddon and Mantas were part of the albums Welcome to Hell (1981), Black Metal (1982), At War with Satan (1984) and Possessed (1985). This would mark the most successful period for the lads and put them at the forefront of influencing such heavy metal luminaries as Metallica, Testament, Megadeth and many more.

Following numerous changes within Venom, in 1989 Demolition Man (aka Tony Dolan) was fronting the band when they produced the album “Prime Evil”. However, by 1993 Demolition Man and Mantas had left for pastures new. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Tony backstage at Bloodstock festival that I heard about his then new band Primevil (later to become M-pire of Evil). In 2015 at the Keep it true XVIII festival in Germany the drummer Abaddon returned and the current reunited Venom Inc. lineup were first sighted together.

Since that date in 2015, Venom Inc. have been inundated with show requests and have been flown all over the world to play numerous festival dates.  With all the noise surrounding them, it was only a matter of time before heavy metal label giants Nuclear Blast soon heard about the rebirth and wanted a piece of the action.

venom-inc logo.png

With a scheduled album release still yet to be announced, the first single is set to hit the airwaves this July.  It’s with a United Kingdom exclusive that I am able to bring you this interview with Abaddon.

To hear the interview, tune in to this Wednesday 8pm UK – 12pm PST

venom tourn.jpg

Upcoming Dates


Warbringer frontman on this week’s show


Currently sweeping the US nation supporting German thrash legends Destruction I catch up with founding member and frontman John Kevill of Warbringer.

Just back from Europe extensively touring their latest release ‘Woe to the Vanquished’, I find out more about the latest release and news on new additions to the band.

Warbringer band

I first came across the band last year when out on the road with Enforcer, they were trying out a new line-up consisting of guitar player Conan from Exmortus and bassist Jessie Sanchez. Following on from that tour, Warbringer hit the studio to record what would be the band’s 5th studio album entitled ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ (released March 31st via Napalm Records). The album shows a stronger side to the band and also highlights the talents of new members guitarist Chase Becker and Sanchez.

What the label say;

Warbringer has continued to evolve throughout its 4 albums into the most lethal band in thrash, and delivers a monumental  5th record in Woe to the Vanquished. Taking the more progressive and ambitious leanings of Empires Collapse and tempering them with pure, unrelenting violence. The result is a unique hybrid strain of thrash and extreme metal that ranges from all-out speed assaults such as “Woe to the Vanquished” and “Shellfire” to the biggest song the band has ever done, the 11-minute “When the Guns Fell Silent.” Warbringer makes a triumphant step forward on this record, it’s an absolute must for anyone into metal today.


Woe to the Vanquished track listing;

1 Silhouettes

2 Woe to the Vanquished

3 Remain Violent

4 Shellfire

5 Descending Blade

6 Spectral Asylum

7 Divinity of Flesh

8 When the Guns Fell Silent

Warbringer Tour Dates 2017

Date Venue Location
May 30 Mod Club Toronto, Canada Tickets & More
May 31 L’Astral Montreal, Canada Tickets & More
Jun 01 Gramercy Theatre New York, NY Tickets & More
Jun 02 Montage Music Hall Rochester, NY Tickets & More
Jun 03 Emerson Theater Indianapolis, IN Tickets & More
Jun 04 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA Tickets & More
Jun 05 Haven Lounge Orlando, FL Tickets & More
Jun 07 Grizzly Hall Austin, TX Tickets & More
Jun 08 Gas Monkey Bar & Grill Dallas, TX Tickets & More
Jun 09 Launchpad Albuquerque, NM Tickets & More
Jun 10 Joe’s Grotto Phoenix, AZ Tickets & More
Jun 11 Regent Theater Los Angeles, CA Tickets & More
Jul 07 Resurrection Fest Viveiro, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 09 Kulturzentrum K19 Cassel, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 10 Kulturfabrik Esch Sur Alzette,Luxembourg Tickets & More
Jul 11 LA Cafe Cham, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 12 Das Bach Wien, Austria Tickets & More
Jul 15 Devilstone Festival Vilnius, Lithuania Tickets & More
Jul 16 Live & Loud Sofia, Bulgaria Tickets & More
Jul 18 Live Palma Tuzla, Bosnia And Herzegovina Tickets & More
Jul 19 Flying Circus Cluj Napoca, Romania Tickets & More
Jul 22 PMK Innsbruck, Austria Tickets & More
Jul 23 Club 007 Prague, Czech Republic Tickets & More
Jul 26 Metaldays Festival Tolmin, Slovenia Tickets & More
Jul 29 Vaudeville Lindau, Germany Tickets & More
Aug 01 Hirsch Nuremberg, Germany Tickets & More
Aug 04 Little Devil Tilburg, Netherlands Tickets & More
Aug 06 Baroeg Rotterdam, Netherlands Tickets & More
Aug 08 Slade Room Bilston, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Aug 09 Audio Glasgow, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Aug 10 Hobo’s Bridgend, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Aug 11 The Underworld Camden London, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Sep 06 O’Malleys Margate, FL Tickets & More
Sep 07 The Haven Winter Park, FL Tickets & More
Sep 08 Orpheum Tampa, FL Tickets & More
Sep 09 1904 Music Hall Jacksonville, FL Tickets & More
Sep 10 The Underground Charlotte, NC Tickets & More
Sep 11 Motorco Durham, NC Tickets & More
Sep 12 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA Tickets & More
Sep 13 Fish Head Cantina Halethorpe, MD Tickets & More
Sep 14 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY Tickets & More
Sep 15 The Gramercy Theatre New York, NY Tickets & More
Sep 16 The Palladium Worcester, MA Tickets & More
Sep 17 Foufounes Electriques Montreal, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 18 Mod Club Toronto, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 19 Token Lounge Westland, MI Tickets & More
Sep 20 The Forge Joliet, IL Tickets & More
Sep 21 Icon Lounge Sioux Falls, SD Tickets & More
Sep 22 The Cabooze Minneapolis, MN Tickets & More
Sep 23 Park Theatre Winnipeg, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 24 Exchange Regina, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 25 Dickens Calgary, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 26 The Starlite Room Edmonton, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 28 Rickshaw Theater Vancouver, Canada Tickets & More
Sep 29 El Corazon Seattle, WA Tickets & More
Sep 30 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, OR Tickets & More
Oct 01 Slim’s San Francisco, CA Tickets & More
Oct 02 Whiskey A Go Go West Hollywood, CA Tickets & More
Oct 03 Brick By Brick San Diego, CA Tickets & More
Oct 04 Club Red Mesa, AZ Tickets & More
Oct 05 Tricky Falls El Paso, TX Tickets & More
Oct 06 Fitzgerald’s San Antonio, TX Tickets & More
Oct 07 Trees Dallas, TX Tickets & More
Oct 08 Southport Hall Jefferson, LA Tickets & More

Life of Agony join this week’s show


Joining me from “the other side of the river” (New York) this week I chat via phone with Alan Robert bassist and founding member of Life of Agony. With a 12 year gap since their last release, the much anticipated album ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ was released last month. Tune in as Alan and I chat about the start, the middle, the hiatus, then middle again and the future for Life of Agony.landingpage_kopie_6

Let’s take it back to the beginning shall we… The Summer of 1989 with Hardcore and thrash music dominating the New York scene, Life of Agony decided to mix all those elements along with a nice helping of groove metal to form their own band. Sitting out there on their own they, the band, just averaging 21 years old, put together the album ‘River runs red’ in 1993, which conquered that year’s music charts, that’s for sure and projected the guys into the rock n roll lifestyle. The album sent shock waves throughout the metal music scene and became one of Roadrunner’s best selling albums of all time.

By 1995 the release of ‘Ugly’ followed by the 1997 ‘Soul Searching Sun’ were released, but cracks began to form within Life of agony. After a lengthy hiatus the band bounced back in 2005 with the album ‘Broken Valley’, but issues with the record label and personal pressures, soon saw the band again break away from the business.

Now back with a brand new studio album and a completely new lease of life, the band have put together a monumental new release ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ . Now signed to new label Napalm Records, the album hits the shelves April 28th.

What the label say; The drive and intensity these ten blistering new tracks possess, surpass all expectations that built up in the past 12 years – a cathartic Sturm & Drang experience for the listener that matches the ferocity of River Runs Red with gut wrenching rock melodies. Raging guitar riffs, heartfelt lyrics and killer grooves mark the return of LOA’s signature sound and turn A Place Where There’s No More Pain into a passionate, soul-searching affair.

big10Track Listing:
1. Meet My Maker
2. Right This Wrong
3. A Place Where There’s No More Pain
4. Dead Speak Kindly
5. A New Low
6. World Gone Mad
7. Bag of Bones
8. Walking Catastrophe
9. Song For The Abused
10.Little Spots Of You

Royal Thunder drop in on this week’s show


Currently out on a North American tour in support of their latest album, this week I catch up with Mlny Parsons and Josh Weaver from Atlanta, Georgia’s finest, Royal Thunder.

Show link above

With the release of their third album ‘Wick’ just days before Royal Thunder’s current US tour, I wanted to chat with the band about its formation, inspirations, life on the road and the latest release.
Back in 2004 Josh Weaver and a few friends formed a band which would later take on a series of twists and turns and finally evolve into what we are presented with today Royal Thunder!
Following countless years of extensive touring Royal Thunder paid their dues and perfected their craft out on the road (with an EP, a broken second-hand van and a bag full of homemade merch), the band were picked up by Relapse records in 2010.
The critically acclaimed CVI (Roman numerals for 106) the band had a few more line-up changes and then put together their second album ‘Crooked Doors’. With this album it was clear to see some significant changes in sound however the voice of Mlny still remained as haunting as ever. Royal Thunder’s most recent album ‘Wick’ released April 7th via Spinefarm records continues yet another transition between the albums, and a definite shift in songwriting.
1. Burning Tree
2. April Showers
3. Tied
4. We Slipped
5. The Sinking Chair
6. Plans
7. Anchor
9. Push
10. Turnaround
11. The Well
12. We Never Fell Asleep
Foreword; Since I gained my full hearing back at age five, I have heard many things over the years that have moved me emotionally, it’s rare that a single track can have such affects ; ((Iron maiden – Phantom of the Opera, Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing like the latest track April showers, the first single to come off Royal thunder’s latest album….. with a rumble hitting my radar on the ‘Crooked Doors’ album it was the emotionally charged vocals and atmospheric grit from Royal Thunder that propelled me to want to see them live. What I experienced in their live set is nothing I have witnessed before, a band that holds so much passion and belief in what they do, travelling some 12 years now out on the road playing gig after gig these guys have really perfected their craft and ability to understand what (in this case of this night) a support band can bring to fresh eyes.
What the band says:
“WICK is different, a bigger jump as far as our sound goes. But it’s still us — it’s just the sound of Royal Thunder’s evolution,” said Weaver.
“Out of all of the albums, WICK was the hardest one to make. It was a fight, but to hear it now, to see it finished, is so gratifying. Finally, it’s over, it’s amazing to be done with it. I’m looking at it, going, ‘We’re done, it’s over, be free,’” said Parsonz.

Matt Harvey of Exhumed / Gruesome & Pounder on this week’s show!


Joining me on this week’s show is none other than Death metal virtuoso: Matt Harvey of Exhumed, Gruesome and his latest band Pounder.

It’s been two years since I caught up with Matt napalmdeathvovivodtour2015new_638for an interview. Last time he was out on the road with Voivod, Napalm death and Iron Reagan on the ‘Through Space and Grind’ Decibel magazine tour, promoting the Exhumed album Gore Metal Redux: A Necrospective. Since then so much has happened musically for Matt that I can barely keep up with the pace.
Back in 2015 I asked Matt about Gruesome which at that point was little more than a plan and a few demos. With the release of Closed Casket and then Hideous the noise around the band quickly blew up. Encapsulating the sound of the Florida Death metal band Death. Gruesome wanted to be tribute to Death using inspiration from each album to create their own albums.

With the debut release of Savage Land in April 21, 2015, no one knew how well the band would go on to do. With a second pressing being made by relapse it was safe to say that the band was going to be producing even more music.
Last year the EP “Dimensions of Horror” gave us yet another slice of what they can do as a band but also it would see the band inspired by the album “Scream Bloody Gore”.
A third EP “Fragments of Psyche” is set to be released on March 31st via relapse records. The EP sees the band take on a different form of Death, considering the album Human but also the appearance of Sean Reinert former Death drummer. Details of a new album have also been announced. Tune in for more…..

The Pounder chapter….

With news on the underground erupting up to the masses about Matt’s new band and the announcement that they are set to 16487573_1261022280633678_4204256853494803421_odebut their first live show at this year’s annual “Frost and Fire” festival in California. I was curious to know more
from Matt about his latest musical creation…Pounder! With a more traditional heavy metal sound/ NWOBHM the band are formulated out of Matt’s love for the genre.
Pulling together long-time friend Alejandro and ex-Angel Witch/ ex- Crowning Glory guitarist Tom Draper the lineup was complete. A brand new track was released 7th March 2017 listen to it below.

The Exhumed chapter

Now as far as Exhumed are concerned, their last release was in 2014 and there is news on a new album and also a headlining tour. Again tune in to find out more.

Podcast now available below.





Horisont join this week’s BBB Show


With haunting 70’s sounds harking back to the time when rock n roll ruled the world, Horisont immerses the listener into a timewarp. High on a plane of Deep Purple drumming, the momentary sound of the classic twin guitar harmonies could lead you to believe this is some obscure cut from Thin Lizzy back catalogue. But oh no, these swedish boys called Horisont know their heritage and craft their knowledge wisely. Now 10 years in the game they have tapped into a world where NWOBHM and the Scandinavian retro-rock revival still runs wild. Live-evil and Muskelrock festivals shed light on the denim clad nation that is rising up from the underground.

Finally appearing on my radar late 2015 with the album ‘Odyssey’, their second album ‘Time Warriors’ (2013)  has been on heavy rotation this past year.

With their recent departure from Rise Above Records the new signing to Century Media records sees the Swedish quartet release the new album ‘About Time’ February 3rd 2017. Scheduled for more tours and another appearance in the US due April/May 2017   it looks like there is no stopping Horisont.
Out on their first tour on US shores, I  catch up with the boys at the sold out Starline Social Club in Oakland, California. Tune in to hear us chat about Horisont’s first time to the states, plus news on their new album ‘About Time’ and upcoming tour dates.

8th February ’17 – the Barnett’s brutal brunch show  will be live 12pm PST -8pm GMT -9pm CET only on

“About Time”

Track list:
01. The Hive
02. Electrical
03. Without Warning
04. Letare
05. Night Line
06. Point of Return
07. Boston Gold
08. Hungry Love
09. Dark Sides
10. About Time

Release date: February 3rd, 2017.
Formats: CD/LP/Digital
Label: Century Media Records

The new album ‘About Time’ is out now via the following outlets;

Lilac vinyl – Bengans
Clear vinyl – CMDistro
Silver vinyl – Green Hell
Transparent Green vinyl – Nuclear Blast
Yellow vinyl – CMDistro US

Orchid drop in on this week’s show


In the words of Jim Morrison… “The West is the best!”. As the birthplace of the hippie movement, San Francisco was at the epicentre of the cultural revolution. With the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin, it isn’t hard to see that this influence has transcended through the generations. The fashions and sounds of that era resonate powerfully within this week’s guests Orchid.

Forming in 2007, the San Francisco based band Orchid have found themselves at the forefront of a 60’s/70’s rock revival. The band’s first release in 13319783_10153688076127496_848345218934623768_n2009 “Through the Devil’s Doorway” E.P. not only saw them cut their teeth in the industry but also rapidly built them a following. By 2011 the first album “Capricorn” was released which finally brought them to European shores.

It wasn’t long before record labels took an interest in the band. Nuclear Blast released the second album “The Mouths of Madness” and most recently last years EP. “Sign Of The Witch”.

With another new album in the works, I catch up with the guys at a one-off hometown show to chat about progress in the studio, the recent addition to the band and the next chapter for Orchid.

Digisleeve - DA2XXXXM (2014).indd

Track list
01. Helicopters
02. John the Tiger
03. Sign of the Witch
04. Strange Winds





Joey Vera joins this week’s BBB Show


With a year already past since the release of the album “Win Hands Down”, the boys of Armored Saint show no signs of slowing down. Currently ripping up the North American West coast touring with Metal Church; I catch up with Joey Vera at the San Francisco D.N.A lounge to chat about the upcoming tour of Europe and the band’s first trip to Japan.

Armored saintAfter only a few months since I spoke to John Bush, I found myself intrigued at how the journey had been for them since the release of their seventh studio album and how it felt to be back on the road together.

Tune in to this week’s show as I catch up with Joey to chat about life and what lies ahead for Armored Saint.

Chatting with Joey and John it’s very easy to understand the passion that the band have in their music and what continues to bring drive to these Metal Legends.

After witnessing a blistering show of undeniable energy in San francisco, be sure to check out Armored Saint out on the road. UK only show: London Underworld July 14th and for all other European shows, check below for details.


Date Venue Location
Jul 14 The Underworld London, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Jul 16 Rock Fest Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 28 Headbangers Open Air Brande Hörnerkirchen,Germany Tickets & More
Jul 29 Saarmagedodon Festival Saarbrucken, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 30 Nord Open Air Essen, Germany Tickets & More

Destruction on this week’s BBB Show


This week’s guest on the show is the infamous frontman Schmier of German thrash band Destruction.

Way back when thrash metal first began to surface around the globe, the Bay area, the East Coast and Brazil were producing some of the finest thrash in the world. However, in the black heart of Europe stood the Big Teutonic Four: Kreator, Tankard, Sodom and this week’s guests Destruction.destruction1

Starting out at the very genesis of thrash and a huge influence to many bands to follow them, Destruction has been religiously churning out what they do best recording after recording.

After taking some time out from the band the guys reformed back in 1999 and have since gone from strength to strength. Destruction have always remained earnest, hard-working and dedicated, regularly playing the festival and touring circuits whilst continuing to release albums.

The good old saying “If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it” stands true with Destruction’s latest release “Under Attack”. The guys hit the studio with the intention to keep the sound as raw, live and analog as they possibly could. So much so that it has seen the guys change their writing and recording patterns and create a potent album that is already set to be their most success release to date.

Tune in this week as Schmier and I chat about the upcoming release, his musical influences and upcoming tour dates.

What the label say:

Iconic thrash metal band DESTRUCTION started the recording sessions for »Under Attack« after the summer festivals last year and have been recording segments in various studios between September 2015 and January 2016. So far they have completed the drum recordings with Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios in Germany, as well as completing some basic recordings, mixing and mastering with VO Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Switzerland.

Mastermind Schmier states:
“We keep on doing our thing. The track ‘Under Attack’ stands for classic DESTRUCTION trademarks and the video will sure provoke the outdated & the backseat drivers. But global unity can not be reached with conservative & naive religious beliefs of any kind! Dear cosmopolitans, please keep your urge for freedom alive – otherwise soon there will be NO more rock ‘n’ roll !”



Under Attack


1 Under Attack
2 Generation Nevermore
3 Dethroned
4 Getting Used to the Evil
5 Pathogenic
6 Elegant Pigs
7 Second to None
8 Stand Up for What You Deliver
9 Conductor of the Void

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head Joins this week’s show


When bands are presented with the question of their greatest influences in rock/metal music Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Deep Purple are always cited as the obvious monsters of the field. But to Megadeth, Metallica and many others, one particular band from Stourbridge, England soon shaped a new music genre named The New Wave of British Heavy Metal and also sparked the fire of what would become thrash metal.DH 1979.jpg

With classic rock and punk having heavy holds on the British music scene in 1976 it would be a combination of the two forms that inspired guitarist Brian Tatler to create the band Diamond Head.

During the band’s early years their self financed demo gained them an underground following and would see Diamond Head tour supporting AC/DC and Iron Maiden. By 1979 the first single “Shoot Out The Lights” (B-side Helpless) was released via label Media Records. The following year Diamond Head debuted their first LP album “Lightning to the Nations, announcing themselves to many a metalhead and remains one of the most influential albums of the band’s catalogue.  The 1000 copy release sent shockwaves around the world and was a monumental influence on a particular bunch of kids from the San Francisco Bay Area.

With tracks “Am I Evil”, “Helpless” and “The Prince” it has truly stood the test of time and perpetuated Diamond Head’s legacy.

don-1983-Spread.jpgSome 40 years on since the birth of the New Wave Of British Heavy metal band, Diamond Head have been through some ups and downs, opening Donington Monsters of Rock (1983) and touring with the mighty Black Sabbath.
Guitarist Brian Tatler has remained the driving force in the band since it’s inception.
Diamond Head are back with a brand new eponymous album and a new frontman (Rasmus Bom Andersen) and will been on tour in Europe in 2016, so make sure you get a chance to see them Metal Maniacs!!
Check out the new album already released in Europe via Dissonance and will soon be available in the US on June 1st.
Diamond Head.jpg
Track Listings:
1. Bones
2. Shout At The Devil
3. Set My Soul On Fire
4. See You Rise
5. All The Reasons You Live
6. Wizards Sleeve
7. Our Time Is Now
8. Speed
9. Blood On My Hands
10. Diamonds
11. Silence

“Am I Evil” Big ‘4’ 2010, Dave Mustaine playing with Brian Tatler.

European Tour Dates 
Date City Venue Country
12/05/16 Ibiza HRH Ibiza roadtrip Spain
Time: 8:00pm.
27/05/16 Madrid GetMAD Festival Spain
Time: 8:30pm.
05/06/16 Alvesta Muskel Rock Festival Sweden
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Tyrolen.
06/06/16 Copenhagen PH Cafeen Denmark
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Halmtorvet 9A, DK-1700 København. BUY TICKETS
08/06/16 Solvesborg Sweden Rock Festival Sweden
Time: 8:00pm. Venue website
18/06/16 Daun Der Detze Rockt Festival Germany
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Geranienstraße 16, 54550 Daun.
30/07/16 Barnet, Herts Barnet Rugby Club United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: £25.00. Address: Byng Road.
12/08/16 Derbyshire Bloodstock Festival United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Catton Park.
18/08/16 Bilston The Robin United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: £12.50. Address: 20-28 Mount Pleasant. BUY TICKETS
27/08/16 Jaén, Andalusia Skulls Of Metal Festival Spain
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Las Escuelas.
01/09/16 Southampton The Brook United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 466 Portswood Road, Portswood. BUY TICKETS
02/09/16 Nuneaton Queens Hall United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Queens Road. BUY TICKETS
17/09/16 Lamplmühlstraße 29, Püchersreuth Stormcrusher Festival Germany
Time: 8:30pm. Address: Wurzer O`Schnitt-Halle.
22/09/16 Dublin Fibber McGee’s Rock Bar Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: €17.00. BUY TICKETS
23/09/16 Belfast Voodoo Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 9-11 Fountain Street.
24/09/16 Limerick Dolan’s Warehose Ireland
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 3-4 Dock Road.
29/09/16 Norwich The Waterfront United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 139-141 King St.
04/10/16 York Fibbers United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. BUY TICKETS
05/10/16 Glasgow 02 ABC United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm.
06/10/16 Edinburgh La-Belle Angele United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 11 Hasties Close.
07/10/16 Aberdeen The Moorings Bar United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm. Address: 2 Trinity Quay.
08/10/16 Sheffield O2 Academy 2 United Kingdom
Time: 8:30pm.
09/10/16 London O2 Academy United Kingdom

Grand Magus join this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch radio show


Forged below the blackened skies of Stockholm, Sweden joining me on this week’s show is frontman JB from Heavy metal band Grand Magus.


With countless fist pumping anthems to come out of the Grand Magus camp in the last sixteen years, in a time when heavy metal was deemed unfashionable, the Swedes have not only been flying the flag, but also paved the way for a new breed in the genre.

With breakthrough album “Hammer of the North”, and the follow up “The Hunt” gaining them further chart success, Grand magus have continued to soar up the ranks. Their most successful album to date “Triumph and Power” became a global success amongst heavy metal fans and critics alike.

As the metal masses wait with much anticipation, May 13th has been announced as the   release date for their eighth studio album “Sword songs”  via Nuclear Blast records.

Frontman JB commented:
“We put all of our sweat, blood and tears into this new album and I think that you can hear that. For me, “Sword Songs” is the best GRAND MAGUS album ever! The new songs are faster and more aggressive than on “Triumph And Power” – and we have also included some more extreme and harder stuff. I’m convinced that there are some future classics on the disc!”

grandmagus-swordsongsSword Songs
The tracklists are as follows:
01. Freja’s Choice
02. Varangian
03. Forged In Iron – Crowned In Steel
04. Born For Battle (Black Dog Of Brocéliande)
05. Master Of The Land
06. Last One To Fall
07. Frost And Fire
08. Hugr
09. Everyday There’s A Battle To Fight
Bonus Tracks (digipak only)
10. In For The Kill
11. Stormbringer (Deep Purple Cover)

Metal Church Mike Howe joins this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show 


Originally rising from the infamous shores of the Bay Area of thrash, Metal Church would find their feet in Aberdeen, Washington. The swift move across North America gave the band the stable foundations to help create some of the most notorious thrash hits to come out of the era. With their eponymous debut album release in 1984, it wasn’t until singer Mike Howe came into the fold in 1988 that the most successful period for Metal Church was sparked.


The band went on to release the classic albums Blessing in Disguise (1989), The Human Factor (1991) and Hanging in the Balance (1993). By 1994, Mike Howe decided to walk away from the music business altogether to focus more attention on his family.


Over twenty years since his departure from the band, Metal Church have gone on to produce countless albums without him.  However, 2016 sees them not only release their eleventh studio album XI, but also welcome back Mike Howe on vocals once again.


Track listing for XI:

01. Reset
02. Killing Your Time
03. No Tomorrow
04. Signal Path
05. Sky Falls In
06. Needle & Suture
07. Shadow
08. Blow Your Mind
09. Soul Eating Machine
10. It Waits
11. Suffer Fools
12. Fan The Fire (Exclusive Bonus Track)


Tune in this week as I catch up with Mike to chat about the making of new album XI, and the upcoming European tour.

Be sure to check out Metal Church on their upcoming tour:


Witchcraft drop in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show


This week I am joined by founding member and mastermind behind the wondrous Psychedelia of Witchcraft; Magnus Pelander. The peerless band truly stand alone as a poignant part of Swedish rock music.


With numerous stories surrounding their formation, the band pay homage to seminal bands such as Pentagram and Roky Erickson. Debuting with the track “No Angel or Demon”. 61x-mkxiblThe guys were soon picked up by Lee Dorian of Rise Above Records, with a three album deal with the label, which saw the band etch their sound into the 21st century rock scene.

However, it wasn’t until the release of their fourth album “Legend” through new label Nuclear Blast, that Witchcraft finally received critical acclaim for their unique sound. Now back with their second release on the label the new album ‘Nucleus’ see the band step back to their roots with undertones of their debut album and a side helping of pure Doom!
Tune in this week as I chat with Magnus about the new release ‘Nucleus’. Plus we discuss the past, present and what the future holds for Witchcraft.

Witchcraft - Nucleus

Track list
1 – Malstroem
2 – Theory Of Consequence
3 – The Outcast
4 – Nucleus
5 – An Exorcism Of Doubts
6 – The Obsessed
7 – To Transcend Bitterness
8 – Helpless
9 – Breakdown




25 Best Albums of 2015


What a year it has been. Here are my top 25 albums.

1. Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron

Released April 21, 2015

2. Ghost – Meliora

Released August 21, 2015

3. Denner / Shermann – Satan’s Tomb

Released October 2, 2015

4. GRUESOME- Savage Land

Released April 21, 2015

5. Tau Cross – Tau Cross

Released May 19, 2015

6. Napalm Death – Apex Predator/Easy Meat

Released October 23, 2015

7. Killing Joke – Pylon

Released October 23, 2015

8. The Sword – High country

Released August 21, 2015

9. High on Fire – Luminiferous

Released June 16, 2015

10. Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

Released September 4, 2015

11. Lucifer – Lucifer I

Released June 16, 2015

12. The Darkness – Last of our kind

Released June 1, 2015

13. Motorhead – Bad magic

Released August 28, 2015

14. Clutch -Psychic Warfare

Released October 24, 2015

15. Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Released May 19, 2015

16. RAM – Svbversvm

Released October 30, 2015

17. Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower

Released September 18, 2015

18. Orchid – Sign of the Witch

Released July 17,2015

19. Goatsnake – Black Age Blues

Released June 2, 2015

20. Def Leppard – Def Leppard

Released October 30, 2015

21. Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock – Spirit on a mission

Released March 24, 2015

22. Slayer – Repentless

Released September 11, 2015

23. Kylesa – Exhausting Fire

Released October 2, 2015

24. Graveyard – Innocence and decadence

Released September 25, 2015

25. Europe – War of Kings

Released March 2, 2015

Hank Shermann calls in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show. 


There are many a metal head out there that would argue that this week’s guest, Hank Shermann was responsible for changing the structure and the sound of metal as we know it!!

Forming his first band in Denmark, ‘Brats’ was a punk outfit that would be the first incarnation of what the world soon came to know as Mercyful Fate. With a release in 1980 called 1980, the band soon gained a significant following but as with many musicians, perfecting his craft and creating a unique sound was something that Hank Shermann strived for. As the momentum of the band increased so too did their heaviness and Brat’s label was none too pleased, discarding their Punk roots for a more Metal sound it left the band only one choice, to rename themselves Mercyful Fate. 

From the bands inception, Hank and his band mate King Diamond spent enormous amounts of time in the studio. This earnest dedication resulted in endless amounts of demos recorded in the early years many of which appeared on the first eponymous EP. That time would also produce work for both of the albums ‘Melissa’ and
‘Don’t Break the Oath’, which would go on rock the very foundations of metal as we know it.

Within only four years of their initial existence Mercyful Fate packed a heavy punch and produced some of the finest metal in the observable universe, influencing Metallica, Slayer, Ghost and countless other bands worth their salt.

In spite of the unfortunate demise of the band in 1985, the band reformed in 1993 and immediately went on an incredibly prolific recording and touring period. During this time the band produced ‘In the Shadows’ 1993, ‘Time’ 1994, ‘Into the Unknown’ 1996, ‘Dead Again’ 1998 and ‘9’ in 1999. The band have been on hiatus since 1999.

Now the long awaited time has come. With a brand new Ep ‘Satan’s Tomb’ Denner/Shermann are back with a star-studded band. Satan’s tomb holds every last drop of the Mercyful Fate sound. The guys wanted to recreate the eighties sound and they have done just that. Tracks like ‘Satan’s Tomb’ and ‘New Gods’ are a clear reminder that these guys have still got it in spades and continue to create the very finest metal sounds.

Denner / Shermann
Satan’s Tomb

01. Satan’s Tomb
02. War Witch
03. New Gods
04. Seven Skulls

Live this Wednesday  4th November 2015, 8pm GMT on Totalrock radio

Michael Schenker drops in on this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show


Carving his rock royalty status in the early years of his career, Michael Schenker‘s very unique guitar playing and sound in bands UFO and the Scorpions would catapult him into one of the greatest guitarists of all time. This week on the show I have the legend Michael Schenker joining me to chat about his years in rock and his latest musical project, Temple of Rock.

As many of us musically minded enthusiasts know, guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page forged a style of playing taking the guitar sound to new heights, from distortion to the use of the Wah wah pedal and developments in amps and cabs from Jim Marshall. With that being said, it wasn’t long before Michael Schenker would find his own way of doing things, with influences taking from titans Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Schenker soon developed his own guitar sound and found his own style of playing. Responsible for UFO classic hits like “Natural Thing,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Lights Out,” and “Rock Bottom,” and his work with his brothers band Scorpions. UFO SchenkerMichael stood out as a unique player. With his solo work of the late seventies, early eighties in Michael Schenker group. He has remained a key figure in rock, hitting numerous top guitarist polls throughout his career.

Now back with a new project Michael Schenker Temple of Rock, he has teamed up with Love drive ex-Scorpions members Herman Rarebell on drums, Francis Buchholz on bass and belting out the vocals, Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, WAMI) a combination that is creating some much needed magic into the ever growing classic rock scene.

With two albums to date and a live album in-between, the guys are back with a brand new album Spirit on a Mission. With diamond hits “Live And Let Live: and “Something of the Night” it’s clear to see that Temple of Rock as a band, are producing some edgy, yet modern classic rock.

“Spirit On A Mission” track listing:

01. Live And Let Live
02. Communion*
03. Vigilante Man
04. Rock City
05. Saviour Machine*
06. Something Of The Night
07. All Our Yesterdays
08. Bulletproof*
09. Let The Devil Scream*
10. Good Times
11. Restless Heart
12. Wicked*
13. Searching For Freedom (instrumental) (bonus track on deluxe edition + vinyl edition)

Tune in to this week’s show as I chat with Michael about his influences, his guitar sound and the future of Temple Of Rock. Wednesday 7th October 8pm GMT only on
Be sure to check out the Temple of Rock boys as they embark on a UK tour with Judas Priest before heading out on their own tour in early 2016. Full dates and ticket links are listed below.

JAN 20 2016 Robin 2 Bilston ENG
JAN 21 2016 Holmfirth Picturedome Holmfirth ENG
JAN 22 2016 Queens Hall Edinburgh SCO
JAN 23 2016 The Ironworks Inverness SCO
JAN 25 2016 The Sage Gateshead ENG
JAN 26 2016 02 Academy Liverpool ENG
JAN 28 2016 Academy 2 Manchester ENG
JAN 29 2016 Rock City Nottingham ENG
JAN 30 2016 Islington Assembly Hall London ENG
JAN 31 2016 Giants Of Rock Minehead ENG

Armored Saint on this week’s Barnett’s brutal brunch show – Podcast available


Out there in the vast genre of metal, there sit’s a band named Armored saint. Hitting the scene in the 1983, they were a force unto themselves, not fitting into the conventional movements of glam metal nor thrash metal at the time.  ARmored saint earlyArmored Saint hit the metal circuit with full force playing with everyone from Ratt to Metallica. Undeterred by their unclassifiable metal music, the band would release a string of albums Delirious NomadRaising Fear, live album Saints Will Conquer and their most successful release Symbol of Salvation in 1991.Symbol of salvation-front-cover

In their eight year existence, the loss of a band member Dave Prichard and with an extremely difficult tour for their most successful album,  Armored Saint decided to call it a day.

With the job offer of fronting Anthrax, John Bush jumped ship and carved a unique sound into the existing Anthrax regime, partly for his involvement in the writing process, but also his unique vocal sound that brought life into a somewhat tired thrash legacy. The release of albums Sound of White NoiseStomp 442Volume 8: The Threat Is Real and the critically acclaimed album We’ve Come for You All in 2003 would see Anthrax reach new heights in their career. AnthraxBut with that said, Anthrax members made a commitment to making a new Storm troopers of doom record, this would see John’s time with the band soon fizzle out. The prospect of Joey Belladona presence in the Anthrax was on the cards.  With the ‘Spreading the disease’ line up booked for the 20th anniversary tour, it would also seal the deal for the upcoming Ozzfest tour. This would then instigate the departure of Bush.

With John’s extensive voice over work, the release of Armored saint’s Revelation (2000) and the covers album Nod to the Old School (2001) all slowly ticking away in the background while the Anthrax members work on other projects, it wasn’t until John’s departure from Anthrax that saw the album La Raza (2010) and a full commitment from both him and the other members to officially reform Armored Saint.


With another significant break from their last release, the boys are now back and raring to go with a brand new album Win hands down. Tracks ‘Mess’ and the title track ‘Win hands down’ gaining considerable play on social media sites, the album is already becoming a successful hit for the Los Angeles based band.armoredsaint-winhandsdown (1)

With just days after their outstanding appearance at this year’s Hellfest, I caught up with the John to chat about his past and present outlook on his career, the new album and it’s chart topping success in Europe, plus I get an inside scoop on what’s next for these heavy metal Titans.

Be sure to check out the Armored Saint on the road. Appearing on the main-stage at this year’s Bloodstock festival and out on the road in the North America with Saxon this fall.

Listen here

Girlschool on this week’s Barnett’s brutal brunch show


Emerging from the ever famous new wave of British heavy metal scene back in 1978 hitting the live circuit with the likes of Judas priest, Saxon, Iron maiden and close buddies Motorhead this male dominated music genre would see the Ladies of Girlschool have the heavy metal world eating from the palm of their hands. Over the years they have played everywhere from arena tours to every single toilet venue that they could find.

Their greatest success came with the GirlSchool_BW_shotsplit EP St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, recorded with Motörhead, which reached number five on the UK Single Chart. The band’s following album Hit and Run peaked at number five on the UK Album Chart *

Girlschool have seen their fair share of ups and downs over their career, with the passing of Kelly Johnson the band continue to fly the flag high introducing Jackie Chambers on Lead guitar some 16 years ago.

Now with 35 years in the business the girls are still as relentless as ever and this autumn will see the release of their 13th studio album ‘Guilty as Sin’ via UDR Records.girlschool_1I catch up with Girlschool in San francisco, midway through their ‘Guilty as Sin’ North American tour to discuss the ‘Guilty as Sin’ album in detail and their time in the studio with Grammy nominated producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore) plus I find out more about their time on the road and get an insight into their favourite US car parks.

Jim Wilson of Motor Sister on this week’s show


Motorsister studioFrom a set of covers played at Scott Ian’s birthday party to the formation of a new band called Motor Sister. Made up of John Tempesta (White Zombie), Scott Ian (Anthrax) and wife Pearl as well as Joey Vera (Armored Saint). I caught up with front man / Song writer Jim Wilson (Mother Superior/ Henry Rollins band) at the exclusive San Francisco show to find out more about the star studded project and their brand new album ‘Ride’.



Dez of Coal Chamber on this week’s show



Amidst their North American headlining tour with Filter, Combichrist and American Head charge. I caught up with Dez in San Francisco to chat about the much publicized break up of the Los Angeles Nu-metal giants and the present enthusiasm in the Band. Now back after 13 years since their last release, ‘Rivals’ is about to hit the shelves May 2015. Tune in to hear about their time in the studio, latest single ‘I.O.U. nothing’ plus news on their European tour, a Devildriver studio update and much more.


coal-chamber-rivalsAlso on the show this week: New music from Ranger, Poison Idea, Prong – & KYLESA + News on Motörhead, Alice in Chains, Corrosion Of Conformity, Cavalera Conspiracy and much more…. Hold tight… It’s gonna get Heavy!!!


Sepultura’s Derrick Green on this week’s show 

This week I catch up Derrick Green from the most famous Brazilian Heavy Metal band Sepultura who are currently bulldozing through North America supporting Testament.

img_5506With a blistering new album “Machine Messiah” and documentary film “Sepultura Endurance” I catch up with Derrick at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco to chat about how the tour went with the Bay Area titans, the making of the album, the documentary and being in Sepultura for twenty years.

Now for me, Sepultura and my love for them stems back to 1993 when Chaos AD devastated all metal albums that year and became one of Roadrunners best selling albums of all time. Some years later at Donington 1996 I finally got to see them play for the first time…. But hang on a minute, where was Max? He decided to not show and Andreas took over the vocals. As a three piece they smashed it. However the label had other ideas and wanted them to find a new vocalist since Max was now going full time with Soulfly.

Meanwhile, somewhere in New York ripping up stages with Punk bands a guy sent a tape to audition for the frontman position. Phone calls were made and before he knew it Derrick Green was being summoned to fly down to Brazil.

The rest, as they say is history. Through their ups and downs Sepultura have stood the test of time. With their musical peers all coming forward to be part of the new documentary ‘Sepultura Endurance’ and with a critically acclaimed new album, it shows that Sepultura are truly here to stay.

SEPULTURA ENDURANCE – Trailer English subs from InterFace Filmes on Vimeo.

“I’m very happy and excited that the SEPULTURA movie is finally done,” comments Andreas Kisser. “It is an amazing achievement from the director Otavio Juliano and the producer Luciana Ferraz from the Interface Films. Otavio followed the band on the road, on the studio and collected amazing statements from many people who are or were a part of this fantastic history. Sepultura Endurance shows a story of this Brazilian band who conquered the world, suffered the ups and downs of a unique career that are still going strong. He filmed the historical show we did in Sao Paulo in 2015 for the celebrations of the 30th year anniversary tour and that’s the central line of the whole history, our music! Through the music, we tell this story. We invite you to enter this time machine and explore the SepulHistory with no dramas or sensationalism. Enjoy the ride!”

Machone messiahMachine Messiah track listing:
1. Machine Messiah
2. I Am The Enemy
3. Phantom Self
4. Alethea
5. Iceberg Dances
6. Sworn Oath
7. Resistant Parasites
8. Silent Violence
9. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God

sepultura-machine-messiah-tour-2017Upcoming Dates

Date Venue Location
May 26 Campinas Hall Campinas, Brazil Tickets & More
May 27 Audio Sao Paulo, Brazil Tickets & More
Jun 16 Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel, Belgium Tickets & More
Jun 17 Dobry Festival Presov, Slovakia Tickets & More
Jun 18 A1 Wrocław, Poland Tickets & More
Jun 19 RudeBoy Club Bielsko Biała, Poland Tickets & More
Jun 20 Mau Club Rostock, Germany Tickets & More
Jun 22 With Full Force Gräfenhainichen, Germany Tickets & More
Jun 23 Rock am Härtsfeldsee Dischingen, Germany Tickets & More
Jun 24 Alpenflair Natz, Italy Tickets & More
Jun 25 Metalhead Meeting Bucharest, Romania Tickets & More
Jun 27 Dornbirn Conrad Sohm Dornbirn, Austria Tickets & More
Jun 28 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany Tickets & More
Jun 29 Kiff Aarau, Switzerland Tickets & More
Jun 30 Schmittner Open Air Schmitten, Switzerland Tickets & More
Jul 01 Nuits Carrées Antibes, France Tickets & More
Jul 02 Rock Fest Barcelona, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 04 Hard Club Porto, Portugal Tickets & More
Jul 05 Resurrection Festival El Bonillo, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 06 Weekendbeach Torre Del Mar, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 07 Alterna Festival El Bonillo, Spain Tickets & More
Jul 08 Antwerp Metal Fest Antwerp, Belgium Tickets & More
Jul 09 Hedon Zwolle, Netherlands Tickets & More
Jul 11 Sputnikhalle Münster, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 12 Essigfabrik Cologne, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 13 Bang Your Head Balingen, Germany Tickets & More
Jul 14 Masters Of Rock Vizovice, Czech Republic Tickets & More
Jul 15 Rockmarathon Dunaujvaros, Hungary Tickets & More
Mar 15, 2018 Hammerfest Pwllheli, United Kingdom Tickets & More