Totalrock Radio – Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show Playlist – Interview with Matt Harvey – (Gruesome, Exhumed, Pounder) 8th March 2017 – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏

Wake Up Dead by Megadeth
2 Restless and Wild (Live) *New by Dirkschneider
3 Fake Healer ft Queensryche Todd La Torre *New by Metal Church
4 Shellfire *New by Warbringer
5 A Lesson of Vengeance *New by Obituary
6 Gruesome/ Pounder/ Exhumed member Matt Harvey **************************
7 Fragments of Psyche *New by Gruesome
8 Interview with Matt Harvey 7th March 2017
9 Give Em The Hammer *New by Pounder
10 Master of Puppets by Metallica
11 The Cell *New by Gojira
12 New York Groove by Kiss
13 Punk Crusher*New by The Obsessed
14 Pan – Eastern Seas by Lo
15 Andromeda *New by Mastodon
16 Black Crow On A Tombstone by Satyricon
17 A Place Where There’s No Pain *New by Life Of Agony
18 Intention To Deceive *New by Havok
19 It’s All For Rock N Roll *New by Airbourne
20 Poontang Boomerang *New by Steel Panther
21 Edge Of The Broken Heart by Vixen