Mar. 2016

Totalrock Radio – Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show Playlist -Interview with Exmortus- 2nd March 2016 – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST‏‏‏‏‏‏

Megadeth – Wake up Dead
Iron Maiden – Speed of Light
Mirror – Galleon
Criminal – Animals of God *NEW
Mike and the Melvins – Limited Teeth *NEW
Spiritual Beggars – Diamond under Pressure
Zakk Wylde – Sleeping Dogs *NEW
Anthrax – Breathing Lightning

*************Exmortus Special ********************
Exmortus – Relentless *NEW
Exmortus interview – Thee Parkside San Francisco 31.1.16

Surgical Meth Machine – Tragic Alert *NEW
Rob Zombie – Well, Everybody’s fucking in a UFO *NEW
Exumer- The Raging Tides *NEW
Metal Church – Killing your Time
The Obsessed – Streetside
Candlemass- At the Gallows End
Sleep – The Clarity
Windhand – Hyperion
The Dwarves – We Must Have Blood
The Cult – Fire Women