Mar. 2015

Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show – Totalrock Radio – 04.03.15 – Interview with Napalm Death – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST

Megadeth – Wake up dead
Metallica – Hit the Lights
Gruesome – Hideous *NEW
******************************** Napalm Death Special ********************************
Napalm Death – Cesspits
Interview with Barney of Napalm Death – Oakland Metro – Through space and Grind tour
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Napalm Death – Smash a single digit
Six feet under – Open Coffin Orgy *NEW
Nashville Pussy – Go Mutherfucker Go
Michael Schenker – Live and let live *NEW
XII Boar – Rock city *NEW
Randy Rhoads tribute – Believer
Deep purple – Lady double dealer
Corrosion of conformity – Goodbye windows
Vader – Armada of fire *NEW
Motor Sister – Fork in the road
Sepultura – Troops of doom
Danzig – Devils playground
Faith no More – SuperHero *NEW
Europe – Nothing for ya *NEW
Raging Speedhorn – Halfway to hell *NEW
Machine head – Blood, the sweat, the tears
Journey – Escape


Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show – Totalrock Radio – 11.03.15 – Interview with Coal Chamber – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST

Megadeth – Wake up dead
Motorhead – Iron Fist
Motor Sister- A-hole *NEW
Flotsam and Jetsam – Hammerhead
Corrosion of conformity – Vote with a bullet
*******************************Coal Chamber Special*********************************
Coal chamber – Fiend
Interview with Dez from San francisco 8th March 2015
Coal chmaber – Rivals *NEW
Prong – Banned in the DC ( Bad Brains cover) *NEW
Reign of fury – Harbringer of decay *NEW
Razor – Violent Restitution *NEW
AC/DC – Rock the blues away
Poison Idea – Bog *NEW
Alice in Chains – Stone
Mastodon – White walker (Catch the throne) *NEW
Melvins – Instant Larry
Six feet under – Open coffin orgy
Kylesa – Black coffee ( Black flag cover) *NEW
Hammerjack – You’ve got it *NEW
Iron reagan – Eyeball gore
Ranger – Dead zone *NEW
Goatsnake – El coyote
Wino & Conny Ochs – Timeless Spirit *NEW
Billy Idol – Save me now (radio edit) *NEW

Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show – Totalrock Radio – 18.03.15 – Interview with Motor sister – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 1-3pm PST

Megadeth – Wake up dead
Ac/dc – Bad boy boogie
Danzig -Killer Wolf
Torche – Minions
****************************** Motor Sister Special*************************
Motor sister – A -hole
Interview with Jim Wilson of Motor sister
Motor sister – Fork in the road
Skeletonwitch – Unending, everliving
Fireball ministry – King
Crobot – Nowhere to hide
King Parrot – No coincidence
Van Halen – Poundcake
Testament – Burnt offerings
Raven – Destroy all monsters *NEW
Motorhead – End of time
Black cobra – The crimson blade *NEW
Faith No More – Superhero
Atomic bitchwax – No way man *NEW
Night flight orchestra – Sail on *NEW
Soundgarden – Rusty cage
Twisted sister – Shoot em down
Free – Alright now ( live )



Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show – Totalrock Radio – 25.03.15 – Interview with Pig destroyer – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 1-3pm PST

Megadeth – Wake up dead
Twisted sister – Tear it loose
Satan – Trial by fire
Probot – Shake your blood
King Parrot – Like a rat *NEW
************************************* Pig destroyer special**************************
Pig destroyer – The diplomat
Pig destroyer interview
Pig destroyer – Red tar
Killer be killed – Curb crusher *NEW
The Vintage caravan – Babylon *NEW
Lo-pan – Eastern seas
W.A.S.P. – Ballcrusher
Zodiac – Diamond shoes *NEW
Zakk Wylde – Between heaven and hell
Gruesome – Savage land *NEW
Iron Reagan – Cycle of violence
Tau cross – Lazarus *NEW
The Answer – Red
Black sabbath – Tomorrow’s dream
Death – Bite the pain
Anthrax – Soror Irrumator (Catch the throne 2) *NEW
Motley crue – hooligans holiday


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