Jan 2016

Totalrock Radio – Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show Playlist – 20th January 2016 -Interview with Brimstone Coven- Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST‏

Megadeth – Wake up Dead
Guns n Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
Motorhead – When the sky comes looking for you *NEW
Spiritual Beggars – Angel of Betrayual
Van Halen – Poundcake
Diamond Head – It’s Electric
Anthrax – Breathing lightning *NEW
Superjoint ritual – The Alcoholik
Entombed A.D. – Midas in Reverse *NEW
Voivod – We are Connected
Venomous Concept – The Potters Ground *NEW

Scorpions – Blackout
Iron Maiden – Invaders
Witchcraft  – The Outcast
*****Brimstone Coven Special*************************************
Brimstone Coven – Cosmic Communion
Interview with Cory and Andrew of Brimstone Coven 16.12.15
Brimstone Coven – Black Magic *NEW

Destroyer 666 – Live and Burn *NEW
The Cult – Hinterland *NEW
Glenn Frey – The Heat is on

Totalrock Radio – BBB Show Playlist -Interview with Holy Grail – 27th January 2016 – Wed 8-10pm GMT ~ 12-2pm PST‏‏‏

Megadeth – Wake up Dead
UFO – Lights Out
Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
Pentagram – All Your Sins
Rainbow – Tarot Woman
Rage – My Way *NEW
Testament – Native Blood
Destroyer 666 – Hymn to Dionysus *NEW
The Doom In All Of Us – Black Sabbath Tribute – Children of the Grave *NEW
The Shrine – Never more than Now ( feat. Keith Morris) *NEW
Black Cobra- The Messenger *NEW
Megadeth – Fatal Illusion *NEW
************************Holy Grail Special*****************************
Holy Grail – Crystal Ship *NEW
Interview with Eli Santana 16.12.15
Holy Grail – No More Heroes *NEW

King Parrot – No Coincidence
Tau Cross – Lazarus
Black Sabbath – Live Forever
ChickenFoot – Sexy Little Thing