Beastmaker join this week’s B.B.B. show

This week I catch up with Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church out on the road haunting the Californian coast with Brant Bjork. Tune in as we chat about their signing to Rise above records, their current release and the writing process for Beastmaker’s upcoming new album. Plus I grab a chance to chat about their recent epic tour with Monolord and Sweat Lodge.


The Lusus Naturae album was laid upon the slab earlier this year and will clearly be the strong foundation for a virile career for Beastmaker. The fresno threesome are adding all the right ingredients to tap into the ever growing and cult-like doom circuit. From occult themes to classic hammer horror throw backs, these guys have it all. The mastermind behind the whole operation is none other than front man Trevor, his vision back in 2006 would take the guys in many a musical direction before reaching today’s outlet. But those 10 years were well spent perfecting their craft and realising what they wanted to achieve as a band. It’s safe to say that this isn’t just your average doom band.. although their lyrical content may come from the deepest depths of hell, the riffs are forged from the 70’s NWOBHM style that have been cited in influencing megastars Metallica, Megadeth and developed the sound that we all know today as Thrash metal. The band takes the best of diverse influences from Angel Witch, Danzig, Pentagram, Witchfinder General and alike, paving the way for the Beastmaker sound.

a0319177883_10Lusus Naturae – 45:37

Side A
1. Clouds in the Sky 04:21
2. Eyes Are Watching 03:00
3. Arachne 03:08
4. Skin Crawler 03:33
5. Find the Stranger 04:32
6. You Must Sin 05:02
Side B
7. Burnt Offering 02:55
8. Mask of Satan 03:26
9. It 05:06
10. Astral Corpse 03:14
11. Lusus Naturae 03:30
12. The Strain 03:50
Release date: March 25, 2016
Label: Rise Above Limited

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Gygax frontman drops in on this week’s show

This week’s band Gygax was formulated out of more than just a passion for music but science-fiction, fantasy and more specifically the works and the designs of their namesake Gary Gygax a co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons in 1974. Gygax-D&D.jpg

Ventura, California based bassist and frontman of Gygax Eric Harris is no stranger to the music industry. With time spent in bands Skeletonwitch, Holy Grail and most recently Gypsyhawk. In the seven year existence of Gypsyhawk they produced two albums Patience and Perseverance (2010) and Revelry & Resilience (2012) released through Metal Blade records. However relationships within the band began to fray and the group split in 2014.

Regrouping with Bryant Throckmorton former guitarist for Gypsyhawk the guys started working on what was to be Gygax’s debut album “Critical Hits”. The thirty minute masterpiece was released in January 2016 through Creator-Destructor Records. This absolutely killer album has once again proven the musical talents of Eric Harris and co.. The songs combine myth and magic with a side helping of Thin lizzy guitars and UFO riffs.


Currently shredding up the highways of North America with Huntress on their two month tour with Sabaton and Trivium ,  I catch up with Mr. Harris over the phone to chat about life on the road, what’s next for his latest creation Gygax and news on possible tour dates and their upcoming second album.


Critical Hits

1. Lesser Magick -04:24
2. Worldbreaker -03:42
3. Draw Breath -04:16
4. The Rope of Shadow -03:23
5. Dirge for a Deposed Duke -01:07 instrumental
6. Chain Lightning -02:44
7. Demons -04:06
8. Liliana -04:16
9. The Hunter’s Heart -03:34
Album length -31:32

Barnett’s brutal brunch show live 12th October 2016 – 8pm GMT- 9pm CET -12pm PST – 3pm EST only on

Zodiac drop in on this week’s show

The birthplace of classic rock giants the Scorpions to the thrash metal Teutonic trio Kreator, Sodom and Destruction; Germany remains one of the most heavy metal countries in Europe and the source of many a band. However, this week’s guests are somewhat removed from a purely heavy metal lineage and share more in common with psychedelic, spacerock and blues bands of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel and contemporary peers Colour Haze and Samsara Blues Experiment. I am joined this week by frontman Nick Van Delft of psychedelic blues rock outfit Zodiac.


Starting the band in 2011, Zodiac made waves in a short time with their eponymous debut EP and their first album release “A Bit Of Devil”. It wasn’t long before Napalm records soon snapped up the band and released album “With A Hiding Place” closely followed by the huge success of album “Sonic Child”  which made it’s way up the German charts. With all that said, there is much anticipation for their upcoming fourth album: Grain of Soul (released 29th July).

Tune in this Wednesday via and  Tunein – 8pm GMT, 9pm CET, 3PM EST and 12pm PST

1. Rebirth By Fire
2. Animal
3. Follow You
4. Down
5. Faithless
6. Crow
7. Ain’t Coming Back
8. Get Out
9. Like The Sun
10. Sinner
11. Grain Of Soul

Bonus 10 Inch Single:
1. Shore
2. Dying Done

zodiac-grain-of-soul-tourZODIAC + RAVENEYE + HONEYMOON DISEASE – European Tour 2016
16.09.16 DE – Hamburg / Molotow
17.09.16 DE – Dresden / Beatpol
18.09.16 DE – Rostock / Mau Club
19.09.16 DE – Hannover / Lux
20.09.16 DE – Kassel / Schlachthof
21.09.16 DE – Jena / FHaus
22.09.16 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben
23.09.16 DE – Köln / Underground
24.09.16 DE – Essen / Turock
25.09.16 DE – Nürnberg / Hirsch
26.09.16 DE – München / Backstage Club
27.09.16 AT – Salzburg / Rockhouse
28.09.16 AT – Wien / B72
30.09.16 DE – Stuttgart / Keller Klub
01.10. 16 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage
02.10.16 FR – Nancy / Chez Paulette
03.10.16 FR – Paris / La Fleche D’Or
04.10.16 FR – Strasbourg / Laiterie
05.10.16 FR – Lille / La Peniche
06.10.16 NL – Leiden / Gebr. De Nobel
07.10.16 NL – Eindhoven / Tuchthuis
08.10. 16 DE – Osnabrück / Bastard Club

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Valient Thorr on this week’s show

Crash landing in North Carolina, the boys from the Morning Star were birthed on the Earth on the eve of Easter 2001. Soon after hitting the stage the band vowed to their first audiences that they would take over every major city on Mother Earth. They stayed true to their word! Known to earthlings as Valient Thorr, the band have created untold havoc on the eardrums and underwear of this planet’s inhabitants for the last 15 years. Behold their magnificence and tremble foolish humanoids!

*** Listen Here ***


This week I manage to capture leader and frontman Valient Thorr himself to discuss the latest musical creation ‘Old Salt’.

Old Salt:
2. Lil’ Knife
3. Cut and Run
4. No Count Blues
5. The Trudge
6. Worm Up
7. Spellbroke
8. Linen Maker
9. The Shroud
10. Looking Glass
11. Jealous Gods



Header VaLient thorr .jpgValient Thorr To Release “Old Salt” July 29th via Napalm Records

Be sure to check out the guys out on the road in Europe:


European show details below;



Orchid drop in on this week’s show


In the words of Jim Morrison… “The West is the best!”. As the birthplace of the hippie movement, San Francisco was at the epicentre of the cultural revolution. With the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin, it isn’t hard to see that this influence has transcended through the generations. The fashions and sounds of that era resonate powerfully within this week’s guests Orchid.

Forming in 2007, the San Francisco based band Orchid have found themselves at the forefront of a 60’s/70’s rock revival. The band’s first release in 13319783_10153688076127496_848345218934623768_n2009 “Through the Devil’s Doorway” E.P. not only saw them cut their teeth in the industry but also rapidly built them a following. By 2011 the first album “Capricorn” was released which finally brought them to European shores.

It wasn’t long before record labels took an interest in the band. Nuclear Blast released the second album “The Mouths of Madness” and most recently last years EP. “Sign Of The Witch”.

With another new album in the works, I catch up with the guys at a one-off hometown show to chat about progress in the studio, the recent addition to the band and the next chapter for Orchid.

Digisleeve - DA2XXXXM (2014).indd

Track list
01. Helicopters
02. John the Tiger
03. Sign of the Witch
04. Strange Winds





Nervosa join this week’s show

Listen hereFrom a self produced video to being signed to Napalm records. The short life of Nervosa has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. Conceived whilst in previous bands, the members gave up everything to form Nervosa. nervosab2Born on the South American road, Nervosa were soon picked up by Destruction frontman Schmier who took the band under his wing and showcased their music video via social media. Within a short time the video had gathered tens of thousands of views on youtube, earning them a great deal of noise throughout the world.

Their blinding debut album release “Victim of Yourself” sent shockwaves throughout the metal industry gaining the Brazilian trio the credibility they so richly deserve. Nervosa are now back with a second album “Agony“.


What the label says:

Brazil`s meanest power trio has returned: Nervosa indulge in relentlessly raw all-female thrash metal on their second studio album Agony that almost effortlessly merges the energy of the glorious 80s with the refined aggression of this millennium. Played even more on point and precise than debut Victim of yourself (2014), it definitely enriches the Nervosa sound having transferred the production to the USA: the South American riff tornado is in flawless shape! Nods to Kreator, Slayer etc really are just the tip of the iceberg here, and the Brazilian squad continues to drag its fans down into a malicious maelstrom full of old school darkness…


Currently on tour in Europe I catch up with Bassist/ vocalist Fernanda Lira via telephone to chat about her musical journey and life in Nervosa and what’s next for the thrasher trio.

Live on, July 6th, 8pm GMT~ 12pm PST ~ 9pm CET

Repeats: Friday 9am GMT ~ 1am PST ~ 10am CET




01    Arrogance
02    Theory Of Conspiracy
03    Deception
04    Intolerance Means War
05    Guerra Santa
06    Failed System
07    Hostages
08    Surrounded By Serpents
09    CyberWar
10    Hypocrisy
11    Devastation
12    Wayfarer (Bonus Track)



King Parrot join this week’s BBB show

It’s been 18 months since I last caught up with the Aussie bar-stewards of King Parrot, but it was like a day hadn’t passed. This time the boys are out on tour with Voivod on the Post-Society tour. With the halfway mark date passed, I catch up with vocalist Matt Young at Slim’s in San Francisco to chat about the tour, their last album Dead Set, new label and upcoming European tour with Obituary, Exodus and Prong.


With the noise that surrounded King Parrot after their 2012 album “Bite Your Head Off” it was no surprise after touring in 2014 with Phil Anselmo of Down that he would soon want a slice of the pie. So with a trip to New orleans the band set up camp at Anselmo’s studio to begin recording their second album Dead Set. Now signed to his music label Housecore records/ Agonia the band have been relentlessly touring North America, Canada and in late 2015 they finally reached the European shores touring with Weedeater.

Check out this week’s show as Matt Young and I discuss what’s next for the King Parrot  and more details about the upcoming European tour. This Wednesday live – 15th June 2016 – 8pm GMT / 12pm PST –


Upcoming European Tour Dates:

»Battle Of The Bays« – Europe 2016 w/ OBITUARY, PRONG, KING PARROT
22.10. F Lille – Aeronef
23.10. F Rennes – L’Etage
24.10. F Paris – Elysée Montmartre
25.10. UK London – Electric Ballroom
27.10. UK Glasgow – Garage
28.10. UK Manchester – Academy 2
29.10. UK Birmingham – o2 Academy 2
30.10. UK Southampton – Engine Rooms
05.11. DK Aarhus – Voxhall
06.11. DK Copenhagen – Pumpehuset
11.11. PL Warsaw – Progresja
12.11. PL Katowice – Mega Club
15.11. RO Bucharest – Arenele Romane
16.11. H Budapest – Dürer Kert
17.11. HR Zagreb – Tvornica Club