Black sabbath

It’s simple, I LOVE Heavy Metal!!!

From “The Old Grey Whistle Test” to my Dad’s collection of old 8 tracks of Deep purple ‘Fireball’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Masters of Reality’ hearing this as a small child, it was inevitable that Heavy metal was going to be my way of life.

I got my break at Totalrock radio. Set up by BBC Radio 1 ‘Friday Rock Show’ creator Tony Wilson, the legendary ‘Voice Of Metal’ DJ Tommy Vance, CEO Boyd Steemson and the ultimate metal guru, journalist and author, Malcolm Dome. I debut on the airwaves in 2008

Moving to Lyon, France in 2012 the art of modern technology would come into play with strength and determination I was able to transmit the show live from France to London, UK each week.

The move to mainland Europe gave me the great fortune to travel to many festivals from Hellfest to Metaldays, meet metal legends Judas Priest to rock icons Def Leppard. I feel very lucky to have the opportunities I have had and happy to pour my passion for metal and my experiences in travelling  into the radio show.

Now living in San Francisco, California, I am on my next adventure. Living in the Bay area of Thrash metal. I continue to produce and DJ live every Wednesday 8pm GMT/ 12pm PST on Totalrock.com. Offering you all things Heavy and metal, with the latest News, Tunes, Interviews, Giveaways and Festival coverage from around the globe!


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