Horisont join this week’s BBB Show

With haunting 70’s sounds harking back to the time when rock n roll ruled the world, Horisont immerses the listener into a timewarp. High on a plane of Deep Purple drumming, the momentary sound of the classic twin guitar harmonies could lead you to believe this is some obscure cut from Thin Lizzy back catalogue. But oh no, these swedish boys called Horisont know their heritage and craft their knowledge wisely. Now 10 years in the game they have tapped into a world where NWOBHM and the Scandinavian retro-rock revival still runs wild. Live-evil and Muskelrock festivals shed light on the denim clad nation that is rising up from the underground.

Finally appearing on my radar late 2015 with the album ‘Odyssey’, their second album ‘Time Warriors’ (2013)  has been on heavy rotation this past year.

With their recent departure from Rise Above Records the new signing to Century Media records sees the Swedish quartet release the new album ‘About Time’ February 3rd 2017. Scheduled for more tours and another appearance in the US due April/May 2017   it looks like there is no stopping Horisont.
Out on their first tour on US shores, I  catch up with the boys at the sold out Starline Social Club in Oakland, California. Tune in to hear us chat about Horisont’s first time to the states, plus news on their new album ‘About Time’ and upcoming tour dates.

8th February ’17 – the Barnett’s brutal brunch show  will be live 12pm PST -8pm GMT -9pm CET only on http://www.totalrock.com

“About Time”

Track list:
01. The Hive
02. Electrical
03. Without Warning
04. Letare
05. Night Line
06. Point of Return
07. Boston Gold
08. Hungry Love
09. Dark Sides
10. About Time

Release date: February 3rd, 2017.
Formats: CD/LP/Digital
Label: Century Media Records

The new album ‘About Time’ is out now via the following outlets;

Lilac vinyl – Bengans
Clear vinyl – CMDistro
Silver vinyl – Green Hell
Transparent Green vinyl – Nuclear Blast
Yellow vinyl – CMDistro US


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