Gygax frontman drops in on this week’s show

This week’s band Gygax was formulated out of more than just a passion for music but science-fiction, fantasy and more specifically the works and the designs of their namesake Gary Gygax a co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons in 1974. Gygax-D&D.jpg

Ventura, California based bassist and frontman of Gygax Eric Harris is no stranger to the music industry. With time spent in bands Skeletonwitch, Holy Grail and most recently Gypsyhawk. In the seven year existence of Gypsyhawk they produced two albums Patience and Perseverance (2010) and Revelry & Resilience (2012) released through Metal Blade records. However relationships within the band began to fray and the group split in 2014.

Regrouping with Bryant Throckmorton former guitarist for Gypsyhawk the guys started working on what was to be Gygax’s debut album “Critical Hits”. The thirty minute masterpiece was released in January 2016 through Creator-Destructor Records. This absolutely killer album has once again proven the musical talents of Eric Harris and co.. The songs combine myth and magic with a side helping of Thin lizzy guitars and UFO riffs.


Currently shredding up the highways of North America with Huntress on their two month tour with Sabaton and Trivium ,  I catch up with Mr. Harris over the phone to chat about life on the road, what’s next for his latest creation Gygax and news on possible tour dates and their upcoming second album.


Critical Hits

1. Lesser Magick -04:24
2. Worldbreaker -03:42
3. Draw Breath -04:16
4. The Rope of Shadow -03:23
5. Dirge for a Deposed Duke -01:07 instrumental
6. Chain Lightning -02:44
7. Demons -04:06
8. Liliana -04:16
9. The Hunter’s Heart -03:34
Album length -31:32

Barnett’s brutal brunch show live 12th October 2016 – 8pm GMT- 9pm CET -12pm PST – 3pm EST only on


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