The Order Of Israfel on this week’s BBB show

This week’s guest is a man holding all the credentials, not only has he been part of UK rock outfit Firebird but also Japan-based Doom band Church of Misery. With many accolades and strings to his musical bow, Australian born Tom Sutton is back with a new band The Order of Israfel. Tune in as I catch up with him to chat about the path to his latest musical creation and the upcoming album release “Red Robes”.


What the label says: Judges and cardinals don red robes. Edgar Allen Poe enshrouded death in deepest red. And now doom metal itself proudly wears the most sinful color of them all when Swedes The Order Of Israfel unleash their second longplayer Red Robes! The band`s first steps might have been heavily influenced by genre icons such as Cathedral, Pentagram and Witchcraft, but the fourpiece has firmly established its very own brand of slow-motion goodness in 2016: folk and the NWOBHM play a big role in The Order Of Israfel cosmos, but these guys also have a knack for Thin Lizzy-isms. The result is a wondrous, mystical piece of art featuring unforgettable vocals and ten-ton riffing that will haunt you for aeons!

Available for Pre- order via Napalm records website now.

the-order-of-israfel-red-robes Red Robes:
01. Staff In The Sand
02. The Red Robes
03. In Thrall To The Sorceress
04. Swords To The Sky
05. Von Sturmer
06. Fallen Children
07. A Shadow In The Hills
08. The Thirst

Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2015 Bonus DVD:
The Noctuus
The earth will deliver what heaven desires
On black wings, a demon
Promises made to the earth
Wisdom/Morning sun (Satanas)



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