Exmortus join this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Breakfast show

With 10 years since their debut, Exmortus have made their name on the road, ripping up the live circuit throughout North America and Europe. A place where the band have perfected their craft. Exmortus have created a strong body of music, with three albums under their studded belts, the latest album Ride Fourth sheds light on the extremely talented musicians.



Tune in this week as I catch up with Exmortus out on the road with Cauldron, Warbringer and Enforcer, chatting to founding member of the band Mario, we discuss the history of the band and what’s coming up next for the shred masters.

RidefourthRide Fourth

1.Speed of the Strike
3.For the Horde
4.Let Us Roam
5.Black Sails
6.Hymn of Hate
8.Death to Tyrants
9.Fire and Ice

Be sure to check out Exmortus on the road with Amon Amarth and Entombed AD this coming April 2016.

Amonamrth tour poster


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