Holy Grail join this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch Show

When the insurgence of the new wave of thrash metal hit the metal music scene in the mid 2000’s, at the forefront of the madness was the insanely superb band from Los Angeles, California: Holy Grail. Made up of ex-members of White Wizzard, the guys took influence from the classic bands of the past: Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Flotsam and Jetsom but moved the sound forward and made it their own. 
Holy Grail band
The band have played prestigious shows throughout their career from international metal festivals: Wacken (Germany), Download (UK), Soundwave (Australia) and Loud Park (Japan). They have also toured/shared the stage with the likes of BLIND GUARDIAN, VALIENT THORR, ORANGE GOBLIN, HELLYEAH, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and MUNICIPAL WASTE which has allowed them to build a strong foundation of fans.
It’s been three years since their last release ‘Ride the Void’, both Guitarist Eli Santana and drummer Tyler Meahl have been committed to Tyler’s brother Blake’s band HUNTRESS which has seen them touring extensively and leaving little time to spend on Holy Grail.
However, with some time out from their work in Huntress, the guys are now back with a brand new album ‘Times of Pride and Peril’ which will be available on February 12 via Prosthetic Records. The album being crafted with the assistance of Grammy Award-winning producer John Spiker (TENACIOUS D, FILTER). Featuring a blistering dual lead guitar attack and powerful vocals by James Paul Luna it’s true to say the band are back with full force. Be sure to check out the Holy Grail on their latest scheduled North American tour with Black tusk. 
 ‘Times of Pride and Peril’ track listings;
1.Crystal King
2.Waste Them All Away
3.Sudden Death
4.Those Who Will Remain
5.Descent Into The Maelstrom
8.No More Heroes
9.Pro Patria Mori
10.Black Lotus

Tune in this Wednesday 12pm PST / 8pm GMT – Friday 1am PST / 9am GMT – Saturday 4pm PST/ Sunday Midnight GMT only on http://www.totalrock.com


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