Atomic Bitchwax call in to this week’s Barnett’s Brutal Brunch show – Podcast now available

Jumping out of the early 90’s with psychedelic wonderment, The Atomic Bitchwax arguably have one of the greatest band names in the cosmos. Releasing their first album in 1999 as a three-piece, they have always shifted the ever growing Stoner rock movement to new heights of riffage. With relentless touring and a continuum of great albums produced they have become the masters of the field.

With ex-members of Raging Slab, The Core and Godspeed, The Atomic Bitchwax boys also have firm commitments in Monster Magnet. Given the nature of both bands I gain an in-depth look at the tight schedule of The Atomic Bitchwax, not just in the studio, but on the road.

Listen here

The last release ‘The Local Fuzz’  (2011) would see The Atomic Bitchwax hit the road for the following 3 years, touring everywhere from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

In the aftermath of touring in late 2014 the guys entered the studio to record what is undoubtedly their greatest album to date. The brand new album Gravitron, released April via independent label Tee Pee records, has taken the band to newer planes in songwriting and saw them produce one of my top 5 rock albums of 2015.

The Atomic Bitchwax ‎– Gravitron

Tee Pee Records ‎– TPE-174-1
A1 Sexecutioner
A2 No Way Man
A3 It’s Alright
A4 War Claw
A5 Coming In Hot
B6 Fuckface
B7 Proto World
B8 Down With The Swirl
B9 Roseland
B10 Ice Age “Hey Baby”

With songs on the new record seemingly quite light hearted (Roseland, It’s alright) to others with a potentially more serious/ darker side (No way man, Down with the swirl) The Atomic Bitchwax guys have really pushed their boundaries.

Tune in as I catch up with the guys on their current tour of North America somewhere in Texas to find out how they manage to balance The Atomic Bitchwax and Monster magnet, but also what keeps the guys driven in music and where they find their creative inspiration. More importantly, I ask the question on everyone’s lips: Which one of the guys in The Atomic Bitchwax is the “Sexecutioner”?


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