Acid Reign Interview on this week’s Barnett’s brutal Brunch Show – Podcast now available

A year that saw the release of Dire Straits album ‘Brothers In Arms’ and the almighty global pop concert Live Aid, in an unsuspecting small town of Yorkshire, England came the birth of a British thrash metal band named Acid Reign.

             Part one                                          and                                  Part Two

Listen hereListen here



With a short career spanning 4 years, these HarrogateAcid reign 85 based thrash heads created quite an impression on the metal scene, especially with their second release ‘The Fear’  hitting the UK indie charts. Touring endless European cities on the Nuclear assault ‘Survive’ tour and Exodus ‘Fabulous disaster’ tour.
But by 1991 the decline of the thrash metal genre would see Acid Reign play their last show at the legendary Marquee club October 1991 in London, Acid Reign were forced to hang up their studded belts and Reebok hightop’s ………..

…….until June 2015.

Back now after 25 years away, Acid reign have released a new single “Plan Of The Damned”. This week I chat with frontman H about the release, tune in to hear us take a retrospective overview of the legacy of Acid Reign and what the future holds for the UK Thrash maniacs.




Tune in to Totalrock this Wednesday 8pm GMT ~ 12PM PST for the live Barnett’s brutal brunch show.

Be sure to check out the band live on their upcoming tour with Xentrix. acid-reign tour


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