Necrophagia on this week’s Barnett’s brutal brunch show

Always on any metal-head’s list of key death metal bands Necrophagia formed a gore-soaked part of the very first wave of the genre along with Master, Morbid angel, Obituary and Death. At a time where hair, speed and thrash metal was at it’s very peak, Necrophagia found themselves with a blood thirsty need to combine their obsessive love for sleazy horror, with brutal riffs on the next level of heavy. necrophagia1
After some turbulent times, it would be one man’s love of the band (Phil Anselmo) that would instigate pulling Necrophagia back out of the foul nether, returning with the hard hitting 1998 album ‘Holocausto de la Morte’.
Due to contractual issues, Phil would take on the alias “Anton Crowley” (a combination of Anton Lavey and Aleister Crowley in case you were wondering) to fulfill his guitar duties on the album and bring Necrophagia back from the dead.
Necrophagia philSeveral changes to the line-up of the band would be a continuing factor, it would also see Necrophagia produce two more albums ‘The Divine Art of Torture’ and ‘Harvest Ritual Vol. 1’ . However, it wasn’t until the making of ‘Death trip 69’ that vocalist Killjoy would fulfill his dream of working with Casey Chaos from Amen and the former Mayhem vocalist Maniac.
Now out on a North American tour with 1349, I caught up with Killjoy at the Oakland Opera House to discuss their recent most pustulent masterpiece ‘Whiteworm cathedral’, horror movie icons and whether Necrophagia will venture to Europe this year.

necrophagia WWC

  1. Reborn Through Black Mass
  2. Вий
  3. Angel Blake
  4. Warlock Messiah
  5. Fear The Priest
  6. Elder Things
  7. Coffins
  8. Hexen Nacht
  9. Rat Witch
  10. March Of The Deathcorps(e)
  11. Silentium Vel Mortis
  12. The Dead Among Us
  13. WhiteWorm Cathedral
Tune into Totalrock for the live show 8pm GMT/ 12pm PST this Wednesday 1st July 2015 and repeats Friday 9am GMT and Sunday from Midnight.
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