New Podcast featuring Lucifer now available

Bursting on the scene early this year with her new band Lucifer I caught up with Vocalist Johanna Sadonis to discuss the band in detail and chat about the soon to be released debut album.

lucifer bandAlthough only having a short existence in the Oath it put Johanna on the map,  bench marking her talents as a singer and songwriter, coming out of that short lived venture drummer Andrew Prestidge and Johanna decided to continue working together to form Lucifer.

With the debut seven-inch release of ‘Anubis’ released via Rise Above Records in February of this year, the rock and metal world was buzzing with interest. The band decided to hit the studio with ex- Cathedral guitarist Garry Jennings who started working lucifer pyscclosely with Johanna on the writing of the ‘Lucifer I’. With this in mind, I chat in depth with Johanna about the recording process and the hours spent in the studio to create the debut album.

This week, we finally see the release of the much anticipated album ‘Lucifer I’ new tracks to be played on this week’s show

Listen here

Lucifer 1 album‘Lucifer I’ Track Listing:

1. Abracadbra
2. Purple Pyramid
3. Izrael
4. Sabbath
5. White Mountain
6. Morning Star
7. Total Eclipse
8. A Grave For Each One of Us


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