The Vintage Caravan on this week’s show

Making waves in the music scene since their debut album in 2011, this week I catch up with young Vintage caravanpsychedelic rock band The Vintage Caravan.
The band were formed in 2006 at the age of 12 years old, Front man Oskar and I chat about the bands influences, Iceland, black metal and what musical passage the band have taken.
With the release of The Vintage Caravan’s third studio album ‘Arrival’ out this week, tune in to hear me dive into questions about their time recording the album and the studio process undertaken. I also find out more about the unique and determined journey this band have taken and their process in being signed to one of the biggest Heavy metal labels in the 21st century.
New album ‘Arrival ‘out May 15th-18th via Nuclear blast records
12inchJacket_offset Side A
01. Last Day Of Light
02. Monolith
03. Babylon
Side B
01. Eclipsed
02. Shaken Beliefs
03. Crazy Horses
Side C
01. Sandwalker
02. Innerverse
03. Carousel
Side D
01. Winter Queen
02. Say Hello
03. Five Months

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