Chris Barnes on this week’s show

This week I catch up with  the one and only Chris Barnes. Known for his gut wrenching vocal sound as the front man and mastermind of the iconic Six Feet Under, founder member of death metal kings ‘Cannibal Corpse’ and a star of multi-million dollar selling movies.  CHRIS B SC1ed1_1007

Tune in to hear Chris chat about Six feet under’s eleventh studio album release “Crypt of the devil” which is out May 4th via Metal blade records.We dive into Phil ‘landphil’ hall’s ( Municipal Waste, Cannabis corpse, Iron Reagan) involvement in the new album. the production process and how the masterpiece all came together. Also, find out more about their blistering recent singles “Open coffin orgy” and “Gruesome”.

Plus we hear Barnes voice his ideas about the importance of consistently releasing music, his favourite bands growing up and when the ‘Six Feet Under’ boys will hit the road.

Six Feet Under - Crypt of the Devil


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