New podcast featuring Karl Agell (COC ‘Blind’ singer)

cocblindcdKnown for his role as the frontman / vocalist on Corrosion of Conformity’s breakthrough album ‘Blind’ I caught up with the legendary voice Karl Agell to talk about his new band King Hitter and the upcoming US tour planned with Corrosion of Conformity.

From a small time band based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Karl Agell joined the

cocblindpromoCorrosion of conformity camp back in the early nineties adding vocals to what would be the bands breakthrough album ‘Blind’

The commercial success of the album and the heavy rotation of the ‘Vote with a Bullet’ video on MTV, this was an very apparent new era for the band, a definite distance cry from their early Punk / Hardcore roots.

By 1993 Karl and Phil Swisher had left Corrosion of conformity to form the stoner rock outfit Leadfoot. With 3 albums in the bag and a strong of body work, after ten years Karl found himself in search of something new. Teaming up with former Leadfoot band mate Scott Little, King Hitter was born.

March 25th would see the debut of King Hitter’s first video ‘Feel no pain’. Taken from the self-titled debut EP, the noise around the video and it’s many suggested references to the Kings of the Heavy metal field; Judas priest, Motorhead, Sweet, Ad/dc and Aerosmith would prove this new band understand their roots and realise the importance of such acts in the making of modern day heavy metal.

With Karl Agell first heavy metal release since the Corrosion of conformity ‘Blind’ album, King Hitter’s new EP is about to make a stamp on 2015 and prove that Karl is still one of the best heavy metal vocalist of the past 25 years.

Listen here

King Hitter_frontCD

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